Airfree P1000 Air Purifier Review


The Airfree P1000 is one of the best solutions for people, suffering from asthma and allergic disorders. If you look for an efficient way to eliminate germs and contaminants in the air, this model of an air purifier is a perfect solution for the task. Among all the models on the market, this particular one received one of the highest scores and a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Most of them admit its convenience and affordable price along with an excellent performance. Let’s see what features set this device apart from other appliances.

Airfree P1000 review


Thumbs-Up  Efficient Air Cleaning

The effectiveness of this air purifier is achieved through the use of filters, neutralizing 99.9% of the allergens and microorganisms. Beside this, the unit removes odors and even traps the pet dander that causes lots of allergic reactions.

Thumbs-Up Portable and Compact Device

Unlike other bulkier and heavier appliances this device is compact, requiring no additional help while transporting. It appears to be an excellent bonus if you are always on the run and need something lightweight. You won’t have to bother with connecting wires or transporting units.

Thumbs-Up Boasts a Thermodynamic Sterilizing Technology

The use of a thermodynamic sterilizing system (TSS) guarantees an effective way of removing allergens in the air. The high temperature easily discards the contaminants and allergens. The ceramic core cools the air and sends it back to the room.

Thumbs-Up Easy Maintenance

You won’t have to constantly change filters with this air cleaner. There’s also no need in cleaning the blades, as this model doesn’t use them. Thus, it provides a quiet performance without disturbing you all the time.

Thumbs-Up Energy-efficient device without ozone emission

You’ll be amazed at how economic this device is, allowing you to save money on energy consumption. The introduced TSS technology emits no toxins during work and also reduces the ozone emitting by 26% compared to other units. It is proved that exposure to ozone causes asthma.

Thumbs-Up Stylish design

The sleek design of the air purifier attracts even more customers since it becomes an additional décor element to their home interior.

Thumbs-Up The price

Another reason this air cleaner is more popular than others is that the price for it is more affordable. You may check it yourself and figure out the average numbers. As far as we know, the cost won’t go higher than 180$.


Slower air cleaning process

The air passes through a passive convection, not through HEPA filter in this particular model. The process of air cleaning slows down this way. It nearly takes a week to see the significant reduction of contaminants in the air.

Smaller area of cleaning

This air cleaning system can easily work with an area up to 450 square feet. But for people with large rooms it may still be not powerful enough. Besides, 450sq.ft. is a maximum area. The productivity will be higher with smaller spaces.

Becomes less productive after a while

The effectiveness of the product becomes significantly lower after using it for a couple of years. Though, there are owners that used its potential for nearly four years.

These are the pros and cons that, in our opinion, every buyer should know about the appliance. As a conclusion, we would like to add that not many models offer that number of features and a high level of productivity as the one we reviewed today. There are of course high-tech devices with multiple levels of air cleaning, but if you compare the prices, the Airfree P1000 wins all the time.



Airfree P1000 Review
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