510oExopEaL._SL1000_The Alen A350Air Purifier is durable and has a proper construction as well as other models produced by the Alen. The compact design makes this device easy-to-use and outstanding among similar models. The dimensions of the Alen A350 are 18.5*8.2*17.5 inches, and the weight is 16 pounds. For your convenience, there are four blower speeds available. Two positions are convenient for regular use, and three or four position is good for more accurate purification. We highly-rated the Alen A350 purifier and actively recommend it to everyone.


Alen A350 Air Purifier Review

Covering area.                   

The Alen A350 is suitable almost for any household or office because it covers about 750 square feet area.

Air change rate (ACH rating).

The standard ACH rating is five times per hour. This index applies to 750 square feet area. Therefore, if you’ll use it in a smaller space, you probably get a higher ACH level.

Clean Air Delivery Rate.

The rating of clear air delivery comes out from 200 to 250. The required tests prove this value.

Energy consumption.

The Alen A350 is an energy-saving device. It was rewarded with the Energy Star certificate. This purifier consumes only 85 Watts on the second fan speed, just like a medium light bulb.

Lifetime Warranty.

The Alen offers the lifetime warranty for all purifiers. With this exceptional warranty, you shouldn’t worry about the replacement of your purifier. The manufacturer guarantees to repair or give you a new machine even in 15 years.


prosHEPA filtering includes activated carbon and provides effective remove of all unpleasant scents and VOCs.

prosThe superior service excels other similar models on the market. Numerous positive customers’ reviews prove it.

prosThe purifier is durable and steady. Moreover, an outstanding design will complement any interior.

prosLifetime warranty.


  • Some customers notice in their reviews that the purifier produces a slight humming sound on a low level. It won’t be trouble for the majority of people.


Alen A350 Air Purifier Review
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Alen A350 Air Purifier Review