We all share the common goal of finding the right air purifiers that work well at removing allergens.

On WebMd.com, they say that about 20% of Americans have allergies and allergic asthma, which means that more than sixty million people suffer from allergic rhinitis, itchy eyes, and other symptoms. Unfortunately, this number increases day by day.

Today, many doctors recommend their patients to install air purifiers in their houses and offices to fight allergy triggers flying in the air. Thus, the purifiers in some degree help ease the symptoms caused by allergies.

So, those with allergies should think about buying air purifiers. To get the right purifier, continue reading our guide.

The following information consists of two parts. The first one is about the best type of the model to buy, and the second one concerns the best HEPA device for allergies.

Air Purifiers for Allergies Review

Best Model to Buy

You won’t learn much about the technologies that are used to purify air until you go to get an air purifier. Today, there are tons of different models, and it’s crucial to choose the right one especially if you suffer from allergy.

Since different technologies were developed to solve specific air pollutant issues, you can’t buy just any purifier without considering the technology used in it.

There are models that are completely inefficient when it comes to removing allergens. Thus, the purifier that doesn’t filter small particles is just the waste of money.

So, what type of purifier to choose to combat allergens contained in the air?

To ease your allergy symptoms, opt for one of the models equipped with a true HEPA filter. These devices work specifically well at removing allergy triggers from the air.

Make sure that you understand the difference between this filter and an HEPA-type one. These two filters are fundamentally different, so don’t get hooked on this gimmick.

In a nutshell, a true HEPA filter gets rid of up to 99.97% of 0.3-micron size allergy triggers such as mold, pet epithelium, pollen, and dust.

Unlike a true HEPA filter, an HEPA-type one can remove allergens which are five or more microns in size. While some may think that such a difference in size is not essential, allergy sufferers feel it greatly. Take note that in the air there are millions of allergens which are less than five microns in size.

To ease allergy symptoms, go for an HEPA filter purifier. Let’s get to the section where we will have a look at the top-rated air cleaners.

Top-Rated Air Purifiers for Allergies

Winix PlasmaWave 5300 True HEPA


With its price of less than $200, the model received 4.8 stars out of five ones available. Every allergy sufferer should know about Winix as it produces high-end air purifiers for allergies. You will love this model as it offers many advanced features, which are common with more expensive units, but at a smaller price.

The features that made this model our number one pick:

prosA noiseless three-stage air cleaning system

prosA built-in sensor that determines the quality of the air to adjust the fan speed fully automatic

prosPurifies a working or living space of 350 square feet

prosComes with two filters: a true HEPA filter that removes 99.7% of allergy triggers that are 3 microns in size, and a carbon pre-filter that eliminates odor

prosEfficient energy use


Other Good Models to Consider

Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier AP51030K



With its price of less than $300, the model received 4.9 stars out of five ones available. Although this model is our pick #2, it is the best one. We didn’t rank it as #1 because of its hefty price tag. If you have a big house or office, then you should opt for this model for sure as it can purify two times more space than our number one pick.

The features that made this HEPA filter purifier our pick #2:

prosThree-stage filtration system

prosPurifies a working or living space of 500 square feet

prosA pre-filter that controls odor

prosFeatures four fan speeds with two settings – sleep and turbo

prosA true HEPA filter that filters up to 99.7% of 3-micron size allergy triggers


prosEfficient energy use


Germ Guardian AC4825, 3-in-1 UV-C & True HEPA Air Cleaning System


With its price of less than $100, the model received 4.6 out of five stars available. The device uses a unique technology that makes it a perfect buy for those looking for an efficient unit at an affordable price. The purifier doesn’t only remove allergens, but also gets rid of household odors, bacteria, and viruses. It is an all-in-one unit that is available at the smallest price if compared to the recommendations mentioned above.

The advantages of this model are:

prosComes with a multiple layer filtration system. The first layer removes large particles like pet epithelium and dust. The second one is a true HEPA filter that combats allergy triggers that are three microns in size. The third carbon layer eliminates odors from cooking and pets.

prosUses a UV technology that combats bacteria and viruses

The major drawbacks of the model are:

prosPurifies little space that is not bigger than 155 sq. ft., which is two times less than our number one pick. It is a good buy for small rooms and offices

Since the device does three jobs at once, you have to replace it after every six months of use that will cost you around $40. So, be ready to pay extra $80 every year.

Although there are some disadvantages of the model, it is a very good choice, considering that it uses the UV technology that kills germs. Our other picks do not offer such a feature. If you want your purifier to do this kind of job, then this model will be a great investment.


We created these reviews for you to make a balanced decision with ease when picking a suitable air purifier.

Best air purifiers for allergies
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