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Today, many people install ionic air purifiers in their houses and offices. These units require no costly filter changes. In this guide we give detailed information on ionic purifiers and their working principle. If you understand how these devices work, you will be able to select the one that suits you best with ease. The given information consists of several parts. The first chapter tells how air purifiers work. The second one is all about their features. In fine, you will find a list of the top-rated products available on sale nowadays.

Best Ionic Air Purifier Reviews and Air Cleaner Ratings

How Ionic Air Purifiers Work

Before choosing one of many air purifiers, make sure that you understand how these units work.

Unlike other types of air purifiers, the ionic ones do not use physical filters to purify the air. They use physics to get rid of airborne viruses and allergens that float in the air.

Small particles are made up positively charged ions. To neutralize them, ionic purifiers emit negatively charged ions in the air.

Ionic bonding is very heavy so that the particle bond cannot float in the air anymore, hence falls on the floor.

The best ionic purifier should come with electrostatic collection plates that pick fallen particles from the ground. We’ll review these models a little bit later.

Customers like how fast ionic air purifiers make the air fresh and pollutant free. Take note that these units deal with harmful particles that are less than 0.01 microns in size.

Ionic Air Purifier – A Good Investment

Over the years, more and more people buy ionic air purifiers. Unlike other models, this type of purifiers doesn’t require costly filter changes. That’s why ionic air purifiers become an excellent long term investment.

For example, there are dozens of air purifiers that use HEPA filters. These are paper filters that trap particles. Since they can handle just a limited number of particles, they get clogged soon and finally require replacing. A true HEPA filter requires at least two changes, which costs a lot in the long run.

Ionic air purifiers come with an electrostatic collection plate that collects the negatively charged ions that have captured positively charged particles such as dust, mold, and other pollutants. You will have to wash the plate once in a while. Therefore, you won’t have to spend much for costly filter changes.

There are upgraded ionic air cleaners that come with a carbon pre-filter. Since ionic units can’t combat odors on their own, they come equipped with carbon filters. So, when choosing a suitable device, opt for the one that comes with this additional feature.

Now, when you understand the working principle of ionic air purifiers and realize why they are a good long term investment, we can get to another section, where you will find our recommendations. Continue reading to see which model meets your needs and is the best option for your budget.

Reviews: Ionic Air Purifiers

GT3000 Professional-Grade High-Volume Ionic Air Purifier

71LTBMzRBAL._SL1280_ If there are no large rooms in your house (or you are on a limited budget), then better opt for the GT1500. It comes with all the necessary features but can handle an area that is less than 1500 square feet in size.

If you need an advanced unit to purify the air in the whole house, then this one will work well for you! Unlike many models that use one or two types of filtration technologies, the GT3000 uses the power of four of them, delivering the cleanest results possible.

The unit combats all contaminants floating in the air and is powerful enough to deal with the particles that have been embedded into carpeting, sofas, and even walls. Moreover, it gets rid of nasty odors, mold, smoke, germs, and others. With no doubt, this model should be on the top of the list!

Turn the unit on, and after a quarter of an hour you will feel cleanliness and freshness of the air. After 24 hours, the embedded particles will be completely removed from your environment.

The main features of the model include:

Thumbs-Up five fan speeds

Thumbs-Up can handle an area of 3,000 square feet in size

Thumbs-Up a washable collection plate

Thumbs-Up an LCD display

Thumbs-Up a 4-in-1 honeycomb filter

Thumbs-Up an advanced photo catalytic oxidation cell

Thumbs-Up gets rid of smoke and odors, combats allergy triggers, gases, germs, mold, and others

Thumbs-Up timer controlled settings that range from 2-8 hours


Other Recommendations

Living Fresh 3500 Sq. Ft. Ionizer

If you ask, this is another good buy for those looking for a unit that can handle the whole house or business. The model works well at getting rid of cooking and pet odors and removing allergy triggers, gases, and other pollutants that cause itchy eyes, runny nose, ear irritations, and other allergy symptoms.

Even though you can wash ceramic filter plates, it is advisable to replace them once in a year. A set of four plates will cost you around $20-25.

The device:

proshandles an area of 3,500 sq. ft.

proscomes with an adjustable fan speed feature

prosis enclosed in a solid wood cabinetry

proscombats odors, smoke, gases, pollen, and mold

proscomes with washable ceramic collection plates


Honeywell Quietclean Tower Air Purifier (HFD-120-Q)


Our pick #3 comes is cheaper than the other recommendations mentioned above. We included the unit to our list because it works well at purifying the air on areas of 188 square feet and is a good buy for those who need a device to cleanse large rooms.

The model produces almost no noise and gets rid of pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. It won lots of positive reviews from many customers on Amazon. Today, it is among the bestsellers.

If you need an inexpensive ionic air purifier that is highly competitive with expensive ones, opt for this model.

The HFD-120-Q combats 18x more allergens and contaminants than most ionic devices. This energy efficient device features:

prosthree cleaning levels

proswashable filters

prososcillation control

proselectronic filter check indicators

prosThe provided information is very useful if you need a good ionic air purifier. Take your time to learn this guide before making your decision.


Best Ionic Air Purifier Reviews and Air Cleaner Ratings

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