Guardian Technologies is an eco-friendly company that offers appliances designed to improve the quality of life. The Company is focused on improving home environment by means of creating innovative and safe technologies for consumers worldwide. All these factors make Guardian Technologies one of the most trusted national brands.

Air purifiers by Guardian Technologies are the perfect choice for everyone who takes care about health. GermGuardian® air cleaners are capable to eliminate or reduce airborne germs, dust and allergens due to HEPA, ionization and UV light technologies. There is a wide range of air purification systems that have a reasonable price and high performance qualities. Some GermGuardian models are the best sellers on Amazon and have hundreds of positive reviews.


Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is one of the leading distributors of home appliances in America. The brand is constantly expanding into new countries and today the company sells more than 35 million units annually.

One of the most famous products of Hamilton Beach is certainly TrueAir® Purifiers. These devices are the most effective solution for eliminating airborne particles like dust, mildew, pollen etc. Hamilton purifiers help people cope with the symptoms of asthma and allergy. A great variety of models prove that TrueAir® Purifiers are effective and accessible for people with different income levels. Every family can find a unit which will perfectly fit their home. Special night time modes are good even for nurseries and bedrooms. Some models are equipped with automatic speed switchers, which adjust fan setting according to the air quality in your room.

Hamilton Beach uses Good Thinking® to make your life easier!



RabbitAir Company was founded in 2004 and since that time it has been constantly improving the line of products. The company makes an emphasis on air purification as it is one of the main factors of safe and healthy life. The RabbitAir cleaners eliminate contaminations from the environment making air 99% clean.

RabbitAir devotes much attention to all aspects of air purification: innovation in manufacturing and design, customer service and product development. That is why the company ranked one of the fastest growing companies in the period of 2009-2012.

RabbitAir top management is always striving to push the boundaries of air purification. The only thing which remains unchangeable is loyal customer service. The RabbitAir customer service provides 24-hour care to answer the questions about the company’s products and programmes.



Envion is a well-known trademark that manufactures revolutionary products to create a healthy and clean environment in your home and office. A wide range of Envion products is retailed on Amazon, Walmart and other platforms.

Therapure® collection of air purifiers was created to free your home atmosphere from impurities, toxins and germs. All devices are built in tower design and are constructed to be as efficient as possible. Each model is equipped with a triple system of purification: Hepa Type collector, Photo Catalyst and UV light technologies. Every customer can find a Therapure® unit according to his requirements and wishes. Being “tough on germs but easy on your wallet” Envion air purifiers are the best gift for your family.



Honeywell International Inc. is a giant multinational company that creates a variety of home and industrial appliances including aerospace systems. The company has a long history of more than a 100 years, which originated from Wabash, Indiana, in 1906. In 2015 the company established its headquarters in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Without any doubt the most popular commercial products of Honeywell are their air purification systems. There is a variety of different models matching small, medium and large premises. You can choose an ergonomic desktop unit or a powerful device to make the environment in a large room mountain fresh. Most of Honeywell air cleaners are Energy Star rated which means that these devices are highly power-efficient.



Austin is a reputable company with headquarter in Buffalo, New York. It is on of the manufacturers eligible to declare their products to be Medical Grade Air Purifiers. The medical community conducted a clinical trial with AustinAir Purifiers in the course of which different respiratory problems and asthma attacks were successfully reduced. Moreover John Hopkins Hospital’s direction made a decision to conduct a number of additional clinical trials with Austin purification systems. Federal Government has chosen Austin to provide emergency air cleaners for the residents of Anniston (Alabama) in the period of chemical weapon destruction.

Austin Air Systems manufacture a diversity of purifying units. There are air cleaners for people suffering from asthma and allergies, chemically sensitive people, babies, pet owners as well as those who have sleep related problems.



Hunter Fan Company started its history in 1886 with first ceiling fans. Nowadays it provides exclusive products combining rich experience and high-tech innovations. Hunter Company offers home and industrial appliances which make our life easier and healthier.

In 1993 the first collection of air purifiers was introduced to public. And since that time the models have been constantly changed and improved due to thorough research work. Hunter Fan air cleaners fulfil a variety of tasks – eliminate offensive odors, remove dust and bacteria, destroy mold and allergens.

The majority of Hunter devices are equipped with two collectors: a carbon preliminary filter and a HEPA filtration system. These two stages are quite enough to capture even the smallest airborne particles. Besides some models include UVC lightbulb as a final step which kills pathogens giving you really fresh air.



Alen Corporation produces and sells air purification systems since 2004. The headquarter of the company is in Austin, Texas. Alen’s mission is to help humanity Live Better, healthier and happier, improving the environment in their homes. Alen has become the only company, offering a Lifetime Limited Warranty in the sphere of air purification. For more than ten years Alen’s team create appliances to help asthma sufferers and other people affected by low-quality air.

When you buy an Alen device, you can be sure that you get the best air purifier possible. The company provides a 60-day return policy in the case you are not completely satisfied. But the customers usually experience the difference within 2 days and will never agree to tear themselves from this vital unit.

Besides Alen offers free ground shipping to all destinations within the continental part of the USA. Alen Air Purifiers arrive within 3 or 4 days after the order.



Holmes is an affiliated company of the famous Newell Brand which has a 100 year old history. Holmes is headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts, and offers a wide selections of air purifiers, heaters, humidifiers and fans available today. One can choose portable models, elegant towers, HEPA filtering as well as different HEPA-type collectors. Some units are enhanced with UV technologies. Holmes offers a great choice of purifiers for any budget, from small desktop devices to powerful systems for manufacturing.The customer reviews of Holmes air purifiers are eloquent of a high quality and reliability of the brand.


A2Z Ozone

The head engineer of A2Z Ozone, Albert Noroozi, integrated customers’ feedback with industry standards thus creating effective ozone generators at an affordable price. All generators are thoroughly tested after the process of manufacturing.

A2Z Ozone is located in Bluegrass Industrial Park, Louisville, Kentucky. It is a small business, but its success is evident as the sales increase from year to year. Being open to feedback is the cornerstone of the Company’s corporate values. Albert is always ready to answer his employees’ questions. Moreover, every employee, both intern and top manager, is welcomed to contribute suggestions. Such attitude reflects on the quality of customer service. Every member of A2Z Ozone team does his best to satisfy the customer. You can contact a technician or an engineer via phone or email to solve your problem or ask a question.



Bengt Rittri founded Blueair Company after having worked for 8 years in Electrolux, following his dream to develop the best air purifiers. During the last 20 year Blueair became a global organization, represented in more than 60 countries of the world. The most important stage for the company was the acquisition of it by Unilever in 2016.

Nowadays Blueair purification systems deliver much superior results than other similar technologies. Even the lowest mode of Blueairunit achieves high efficiency due to filtration of airborne fractions down to 0,1 microns.

The filter technology of Blueair is revolutionary. A filter consists of millions of tiny fibers and layers, which are interwoven between each other. The captured particles are never emitted back into your environment, even when collectors are heavily loaded. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material which breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. HEPASilent technology is unique and provides long lasting air purification.

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