Air Purifiers For Pet Dander

Every pet owner knows that their fluffy friends can bring along many unpleasant impurities. Odors, dander and hair – this is not even the full list of particles in your air and on your surfaces. When choosing a pet air purifier one should take into account such options as type of collector, room coverage, air ionizer and size.

The most effective pet air purifiers are equipped with true HEPA collector that eliminates 99% of allergens and contaminations. Every air cleaning device has its space coverage limit. So, one should ensure whether the model matches a particular home space. An ionizer charges air molecules so that they capture small particles making the environment clean and fresh. And the last that should be mentioned is size and shape. Tower units are good for the corners and horizontal ones can be placed on a table.

The most popular pet air purifiers are: Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Pet, Hamilton Beach TrueAir, GermGuardian AC5250PT, Winix WAC9500 etc.


Air Purifiers For Eliminating Odors

There is no doubt that the air can’t be clean and healthy when the environment is full of cooking odors, pet or tobacco smells. That is why it is important to choose an air purifier with good odor elimination features. Activated carbon collectors or zeolite filters are widely used to remove various toxins, gases and odors. Charged electrostatic filter are also effective against odors. The special synthetic charged fibers attract airborne particles and trap them inside the collector. The most successful combination for odor elimination is carbon collector, plus true HEPA, plus electrostatic precipitator. The top brand air purifiers like RabbitAir, AustinAir and Blue Air absorb odors quickly and effectively.


Air Purifiers For Asthma

Our indoor environment greatly affects our health possibly causing or contributing to asthma and other lung diseases. The best way to control allergens is to learn how to reduce the triggers in the air we breathe. Asthma Air purifiers are manufactured to save sensitive people from allergic substances – chemicals, VOCs, mildew etc. The best air cleaners for this purpose are those combining true HEPA system and activated carbon filter. Such combination is extremely effective in removing a wide range of impurities including chemicals and gases. HEPA-type collectors can also provide a satisfactory performance if you are frugal with you budget. The top brands of asthma air purifiers are Blueair PRO, IQAirHealthpro, RabbitAir etc.


Dehumidifier For Bathroom

Humidity level in a bathroom often reaches 100% therefore dehumidifiers are the only way to avoid mold growth. There are desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers. Desiccant models are good if a bathroom temperature is lower than 20°C. If your bathroom is hot, it is better to choose a refrigerant device. Such dehumidifiers are equipped with cooling metal plates, which gather condensation. The droplets fall into a water collector beneath. Most dehumidifiers are equipped with water level indicator informing the owner to empty a container. The most popular dehumidifier brands are EcoAir and De’Longhi.


Dehumidifier For Gun Safe

If you have purchased a gun safe, you can be sure that you’ve protected your firearms from children and thieves. But there is one more danger which we often don’t take into account – moisture. Without proper precautions the firearms will sooner or later become rusty. Dehumidifier for gun safe will keep your guns dry and functional. Such devices are usually compact and cordless. Some models are rechargeable, the others contain water absorbing gel inside. The most popular technology lies in keeping the temperature rates higher that it is outside the safe. Extra moisture evaporates outside and thus prevents rust and corrosion. You can take note of such models as Stack-OnSPAD-1500, Eva-dry E-333, Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod, Cannon Safe Rod.


Dehumidifier For Mold

Mold spores multiply much faster if given the favourable environment which is moist and warm air. If you notice dark spots somewhere in your bathroom, kitchen, garage or other premises – you can be sure you have a mould trouble. Black mould is extremely toxic and is capable to harm health severely. A good dehumidifier will fix the problem effectively. Choose a device according to your needs and budget and soon you will notice black spots stop their growth. If your windows are damp, or you often have water run-offs, don’t hesitate to purchase a dehumidifier, otherwise the mould will trap your home easily. If you already have a serious mould problem, it is strongly recommended to remove it professionally and then continue using dehumidifier to prevent future spore growing. Many reliable manufacturers produce powerful dehumidifiers for mold.

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