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The Operational Principle of a Filterless Air Purifier

A filterless air purifier is a device that removes small airborne contaminative particles of up to 0.01 microns in size from the air you breath. The result is reached with the help of a comparatively simple process of air ionization, which has given this air purifier such alternative names as “air ionizer” and “ionic air purifier”.

A number of small air pollutants including common allergens consist of ions with a positive charge. In its turn, the ionic air purifier radiates a constant flow of ions with a negative charge.

As you might know, the positively and negatively charged particles attract. Because of this simple physical law, the positively charged ions of the contaminants and negatively charges ions unavoidably get connected and form what is called an ionic bond. The latter is obviously heavier than a separate ion. In fact, it is too heavy to continue floating in the air and simply falls on the floor, or is caught by the specialized electrostatic ion collecting plate.

Since the air ionizer does not stop emitting the negatively charged ions into the air, all the pollutants with a positive charge are successfully neutralized letting to enjoy unprecedentedly clean and fresh air in the end.

The Reasons for the Popularity of Ionic Air Purifiers

If you have already studied the field of air purifiers, you must know that air ionization is not the only technology used for purifying the air from various pollutants. Nevertheless, these are the ionic air purifiers that have earned particular popularity and admiration among customers installing these devices both in their homes and offices. And it is not hard to guess why — this is the only type of air purifiers that does not need regular filter replacements, which are usually quite expensive.

Unlike air purifiers using paper filters, which easily get blocked with polluting particles, almost all of the filterless air purifiers are equipped with a specialized electrostatic collection plate. This component is capable of attracting back the particles with the negative charge. In such a way, all the contaminants caught by the negatively charged ions end up on the plate that can be easily washed and attached again.

Obviously, a great advantage of filterless air ionizers that no other air purifier can boast of lies in its zero cost of maintenance: the machine simply works after you have bought it and does not require any additional costs. What is more, almost all of the air ionizer models are additionally equipped with a pre-filter with activated carbon inside. It is perfect for eliminating various smokes and odors including those that are caused by pets, cooking, and even smoking.

After getting to know the peculiarities of the air ionization technology and the reasons for the immense popularity of ionic air purifiers, you can proceed with studying the reviews of the best-selling models in order to choose the one that suits your need the best. Examine the reviews you find below and try to evaluate whether the features of each filterless air purifier answers your specific requirements.

Filterless Air Purifiers Reviews

The Number One Ionic Air Purifier

This device is undoubtedly the best that the market of filterless air purifiers can offer as of today. The reason for its superiority is not only its ultimate effectiveness but also multiobjectiveness: you can use it in the rooms of any size and purpose with equal results. Be it a restaurant, hospital, warehouse, or your home, this ionic air purifier will do the job!

Thumbs-Up Guarantees excellent results of air purification

Thumbs-Up Allows controlling the space coverage with the maximum area of 3,500 sq. ft.

Thumbs-Up Offers flexible fan speeds to suit your needs

Thumbs-Up Decorates the interior with its elegant finish from solid cherry wood

Thumbs-Up Effectively removes any chemical gasses and unpleasant smells from the air, including tobacco smoke and its odors

Thumbs-Up Includes washable ceramic plates for collecting the neutralized air contaminants

The 2nd Best Filterless Air Purifier

This air ionizer is a perfect choice if you are looking for an effective filterless air purifier to be used in a room of medium size. Besides, it is especially appreciated by the customers owing to its noiseless operation. Such nasty air pollutants as pollen, dust particles, pet dander and tough smoke masses stand no chance.

Thumbs-Up Produces impressive air purification results. Capable of eliminating up to 18 times more contaminants than the majority of ionic air purifiers

Thumbs-Up Offers a choice of three purification levels

Thumbs-Up Includes oscillation control

Thumbs-Up Comes with washable filters

Thumbs-Up Facilitates filter checks with the help of specialized built-in electronic indicators

Thumbs-Up Carries the Energy Star certificate

The 3rd Best Air Ionizer

If you are looking for an affordable ionic air purifier for small-sized rooms, there is no better choice than this model. It brilliantly combines high efficiency with a reasonable price tag. However, its most striking characteristic is a built-in ultra-violet light, which effectively destroys the hazardous airborne microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, which can cause health problems.

Thumbs-Up Includes an electrostatic rod for collecting the captured air contaminants

Thumbs-Up Offers two fan speeds to suit your needs

Thumbs-Up Includes a nightlight mode

Thumbs-Up Additionally equipped with a washable activated carbon filter designed for eliminating smokes and odors

Thumbs-Up Has the ultra-violet light option for eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses from the air

Hopefully, you now will be able to make a well thought-out choice of a filterless air purifier after having learned this useful information about this type of devices. If you also require some knowledge about other types of devices for air purification, follow the links below.

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