Germ Guardian products are rightfully ranked among the best air purifiers especially for those suffering from allergies. Making use of numerous levels of cleaning and three technologies they efficiently eliminate all sorts of allergens, bacteria, mold and germs and also remove odors. The three technologies are HEPA, odor reduction, and UV-C. While the two listed first are employed by many other air purifying devices, UV-C technology is the forte of this brand. Due to it Germ Guardian air purifiers successfully kill most bacteria and viruses in the air, like streptococcus, rhinovirus, and E.coli. Altering the DNA of microbes this technology leaves them no chance to survive. By activating Titanium Dioxide, this technology also decomposes molecules of odors and thus ensures that the device yields odor-free fresh air. Another strong point of air purifiers by this brand is their silent operation. While most other air purifying devices while tackling the issue with smells leaves you wary with their sound, Germ Guardian products will ensure your comfort in all aspects.

Best Picks among Germ Guardian Air Purifiers Review

Let’s look closer at the four best models by Germ Guardian. They are AC4825, AC5000, AC5250PT, and AC4850PT.

AC5250PT and AC4850PT are more expensive than the other two as they boast of availability of the digital control. Their filters have PetPure technology antimicrobial treatment ensuring their durability and longer lifespan. Said treatment kills all mildew, bacteria and mold on the surface of filters thus contributing to the overall outstanding cleaning performance of the device. Both models have 100+ CADR rating.

AC5000 is a high-end product which is larger and heavier than the other three. At that, it also has greater CADR rating of 125+. It will be ideal for those looking for ultimate performance and will perfectly cope with medium and large rooms.

A true bestseller among said models is AC4825. It’s the cheapest model and still incredibly efficient with its 100+ CADR rating. It’s highly appreciated by most customers and is proved to cope with small and medium rooms successfully.

All of the four models boast of the trademark 3-in-1 cleaning system and effectively remove dust, smoke, pollen, germs and most other air pollutants with HEPA/UV-C Light. Representing an optimal balance between cost and performance any of them will surely become an advantageous buy.

Germ Guardian Air Purifiers reviews

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