Three Anti-Allergen Holmes Air Purifiers We Love

Holmes Air purifiers are one of the best on the market so far comparing to other products. Tremendously low prices and great efficiency in use are remarkable distinguishing features of the company’s devices. HEPA filtration system helps to clean the air precisely and effective. One more thing we love about Holmes purifiers is “need to change the filter” feature, which send a notification to an indicator on the operating panel in case you need to change the filters.

Our family have three Holmes air purifiers at home. And they are really great so far. In this revive, we would like to share our experience with you to help you choose the best unit for yourself and your family. Let’s go.


  • Top Rated Models

  • Coverage areaCoverage area
  • Fan speedFan speed
  • HEPA filterHEPA filter
  • WeightWeight
  • Holmes

  • HAP 726

  • Coverage area256 sq. ft.
  • Fan speed4
  • HEPA filterYes
  • Weight19 lbs
  • CADR168
  • Holmes

  • HAP 759-NU

  • Coverage area430 sq. ft.
  • Fan speed3
  • HEPA filterYes
  • Weight19 lbs
  • CADR270
  • Holmes

  • HAP 8650B-U

  • Coverage area349 sq. ft.
  • Fan speedCan be extended to 250 Tests4
  • HEPA filterYes
  • Weight19.4 lbs
  • CADR225
  • Holmes

  • HAP 756

  • Coverage area340 sq. ft.
  • Fan speed4
  • HEPA filterYes
  • Weight23 lbs
  • CADR270


Allergen and Dust Removing Capacity – the Holmes 8650B-U Purifier

The 8650B-U with a CADR of 225 is one of the newest models on the market. We just purchased this one to get rid of allergens because of our three dogs. We installed this little device in our bedroom (dogs sleep under our bad, by the way). We noticed that a couple of dog hairs accumulated at the device’s grille in first minutes, after a while – dozens of hairs!

It also filters the dust likewise the great Chinese firewall. When pets and kids are running around the house, it’s hard to deal with the dust settled everywhere. But the Holmes 8650B-U Purifier take care of it before the landing will occur.

The unit sounds a little loud on the highest speed (fourth level), but on the third level it doesn’t produce almost any noise at all. We have been using this allergy eliminator since 2014 and are really satisfied with the result.

Holmes 756-U Air Purifier Review

The Holmes 756-U Air Purifier works even better than we expected. There is no need for washing floors and cleaning windows in the living room so often. It removes the dust, deodorize the kitchen and the room of about 450 sq ft with cleanliness. It completely eliminates all the aroma of cooking (burning smell, the odor of onions, etc.) in less than a half an hour. All kinds of smoke will be deactivated for your nose in minutes with the help of 270 CADR for the smoke. It’s powerful enough to get rid of grilling smoke inside the house.

In fact, not everything is so perfect. Because of an extreme ability to purify the air it needs a filter replacement more often than other models. 8650B-U is better in this field.

Holmes 726-U Review

In our basement, we have another air cleaning unit – the Holmes 726-U. It has indicated working area at only 250 sq ft (that’s not true), by the way. The area of our basement is 350 sq ft, and it works perfectly fine. We haven’t any allergy attacks so far. All odor of old stuff, oil and dampness is no longer our problem. One major drawback for me is fragility of filters. They become nasty and dirty in just two months. Nevertheless, the pros overvalue this simple problem, considering the fact my husband is in charge of changing the filters.

Price Comparison of the Three Holmes Air Purifiers

Without doubts, the most advanced and innovative product is the Holmes 8650B-U Purifier because it has the LED progress indicators, which tracks the quality of the filters. It possesses a system that allows to change filters less often. Despite the fact that it has the same 4-level speed control as two other models, it has way more options to cost $129.94.

The 756-U model is a powerful model. With the huge efficiency of cleaning enormous areas, it requires more frequent changing of filters. The unit is six dollars cheaper than the previous one – $123.53.

The 726-U Air Purifier is way less expensive than the high-range models. However, the HEPA filtration is also inside. The cost is affordable, just $85.99 at a CADR capacity of 169 and an area capacity of 250 sq ft.
We want to get another Holmes air purifier in order to get rid of the dust in kids’ bedroom.

Holmes air purifiers
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