Honeywell HHT-011 HEPA air purifier reviewCompact, economical and productive idea to clear up the air of your surrounding environment

It has been mentioned for a multiple times that presently we are mostly out of the control of the air pollution outdoors. However, due to the latest innovations the technology brings us with the time, it is now possible to control the quality of the air we breathe inside: homes, offices, flats etc.

Especially it is uncomfortable for people who suffer from illnesses such as allergy or asthma that are provoked by a high concentration of dust, unhealthy microelements and pollen outdoors. Although it seems that it is essential only for people to have a fresh air inside of their homes, it also concerns people who do not have any allergies or reactions to the dust in the air, because fresh air is the securing of our healthy breathing system.

One of the solutions towards cleaning the air is the purchase of air purifier. Presently, there are various brands and models are available on the market. However, many people struggle to come up with the right purchase.

This article will cover the review of the air purified produced by widely known brand Honeywell, the HHT-011 model with permanent HEPA filter. The following text looks at the most important part of the product that are used as a benchmark when buying the air purifier.


Built-in Filter

First of all, even though the producer mentioned the application of the permanent filter in the model, it does not mean that the you have to leave it the way it is forever. Across the internet, there are multiple negative reviews addressing the misunderstanding of the right application and aftercare of the filter.

In this case, Honeywell made a filter permanent due to the fact the used should not throw it away each time the filter is filled up. When the filter is finally full with the dust, the user should simply throw the dust away, wash the filter and it is ready to collect the next amount of dust. The key factor of negative reviews was the misconception of users on the time frame a single filter is suitable for usage. Unfortunately, this filter will not last forever so it should be replaced with the new one. If right now you ask yourself: “why then it is called permanent?!”. There is a simple logic to that. All purifier filters have to be replaced, but the one owned by the model HHT-011 should be replaced once in 2 or more years. Of course there is a factor of air polluting level that will affect the replacement time by +/- several months, but you do not need to put a new one each week or each single day. Due to the built-in light indicator, the air purifier will identify the right time of the need to clean the filter, which avoids the unnecessary checks of the filter.

The quality of the filter with the regards on the variety of the dust type it collects can be ranked as extremely good. Honeywell HHT-011 collects smoke, pollen, dust, pet hair etc without remainder.

Noise Levels

There are 3 (three) different noise levels you are able to set up: low, medium and high. It is reasonable to set up those depending on the level of air pollution and the area size of the room. N the low setting the purifier works very quietly, so it is a perfect choice for the time someone is around in the home during the day. It is also the best to leave it on the low setting over the night even in your bedroom. The medium setting produce a little bit more noise. It can be compared to the white sound. This also can be set over the time you’re in the house: from the first sight the sound would be heard as a background noise, but completely tolerable and within several minutes people usually get used to it and do not find it distractive any longer. On the high-level setting, the purified indeed becomes noisy. However, it is the best option when there is the need to clean the air fast or when the pollution level is high (i.e. very dusty air). On my advice, the best balance will be to leave the air purifier on the high setting when you leave the house (to work, shopping, walk, etc.) and to switch it to medium/low (at your preferences) setting when you’re around the house. For all people, it is up to their choice though, as everyone has their own sense of comfort.

Product’s Design

In addition to the advantage of inconspicuous sound, Honeywell air purifier has a compact design making it convenient to adapt to almost any home design. In the comparison to other air purifier models, the particular one was made in the size of a small box or a big bedside table alarm clock. This product will not enforce you to move the furniture even in the smallest room you can think of in your home.

Further Facts

The extra feature available to the particular model is the possibility to purchase an ionizer that will supply the additional filtration of the air in your house. Above all, the cost of the HHT-011 purifier is very affordable. Along with it compact design, it is a great bargain to buy several purifiers to accommodate those in each or several rooms in your flat/house. The product guarantee of Honeywell HHT-011 lasts 3 years.

The Conclusion

HHT-011 model is an excellent dust collector – the Honeywell definitely excelled this feature in this air purifier. It is a great choice in terms of adaptability due to its constrict design. The noise levels are regulated from the very quiet to tolerable, so it  exhausts the issue of being destructive. Moreover, the HHT-01 Permanent HEPA-type filter is equipped with the light indicator that avoids unnecessary checks of the filter filled up level. Above all, this model of air purifier is one of the most budget-friendly options currently presented on the market, so you are able to invest not only in the quality but also in the quantity of the purifiers you can buy. There are various options where you can purchase Honeywell HHT-011 air purifier, ranging from Amazon to Honeywell official website.


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