Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier Hcm-350 Review


Honeywell HCM-350W humidifier review

How much is humidification important in people’s lives? First of all it doesn’t only help to relieve winter dry skin and scratchy throats but also assists in protecting all the furniture, keeps plants in a healthy condition, reduces static electricity and reduces the finances spent on heating costs every month. Perhaps that’s why this appliance has got such a high score among all the consumers, to be precise – 98 positive out of 100.

Gradually people started to realize the importance of having an air purifier at their homes, as lots of undesirable problems can be caused by dry and stale air. But having the HCM-350, one will never face with the above-mentioned problems, in fact, he/she will cope with them easily.

The price for this unit is also very affordable and pleasant for every pocket, even if the budget is limited as it costs only 58 dollars. Moreover, buying the Honeywell Humidifier HCM-350 through you will get a Free Shipping. Therefore don’t waste the time searching for some other model, as this one is a real “steal”.


Characteristics of The Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier Hcm-350

The main idea of any humidifier is- getting rid of microorganisms that are very bad and harmful for people’s health, especially breathing. The Humidifier HCM-350 has the following characteristics:

pros    very durable – comes with a 3 years warranty;

pros   when working – very quiet, almost no sound can be heard, therefore, will not disturb during sleeping or working process;

pros    the tank is durable;

pros   not heavy to carry around;

pros   easy to fill right from the tap;

pros    when parts need to be washed, it can be easily done using a dishwasher.

You can’t make any settings to this humidifier as it works automatically regulating the humidity all over the rooms by itself. This particular model is perfect for medium sized rooms.

What Features Distinguish Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350 From the Rest of the Humidifiers?

As we know the main aim and goal of any humidifier is to make the air humid all over the room, but apart from this main feature, the Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350 is also capable of killing all the harmful microorganisms and bacteria arising in homes due to the environment and causing problems for the members of the family. That’s why with the HCM-350, you can be absolutely sure in a healthy environment at your home.

The Working Process of the HCM-350 Humidifier

While the working process a special technology that is called Ultra-Violet technology is used, ensuring that 99.9 percent of all the harmful microorganisms, bacteria and germs will be killed. Moreover, it also offers a patented germ killing chamber technology. Coming closer to the working process itself, first of all, the water tank should be filled with water (can be right from the tap). As the water from the tap is not the cleanest and contains all the germs and bacteria, it goes through the Ultra-Violet technology, thereby purifying it and making it times cleaner and safer, refining from viruses and mold. When the water is cleaned, it reaches the base, where a special wick filter is located absorbing the treated water. That’s why when the air at home is dry, it comes to a filter, absorbs some humidity and re-emits into the atmosphere, giving you a chance to breathe fresh and sanitized air.

Importance of Humidification

pros   protects the plants from the dry unhealthy air;

pros    protects the wooden furniture;

pros   the wallpapers will never come off as it happens in houses that lack a humidifier;

pros   reduces the fees for the electricity every month;

pros   reduces the fees for the heating process, as it produces a special mist that is capable of keeping the body warm;

pros    provides a healthy body condition throughout the year, consequently you will not experience issues with a dry throat, asthma etc.

Bacteria Prevention

As soon as you buy this particular model Humidifier HCM-350, you will feel the difference in the air in your house. It is subject to not only fresh and humid air but also disappearing of the following bacteria:

pros    E.Coli – this bacterium is a real threat to people and, therefore, might cause gastro-intestinal tract diseases, such as anaemia, diarrhea and so on and so forth.

pros   Pencillium Citrinum  – is a bacteria that causes strong fungal infections as well as hypersensitivity.

pros    Asperigillus Niger – is a bacteria that is harmful to body and can be found on a mold of vegetables and fruits.

 Loud or Quiet?

Quiet care technology runs up to 25 percent quieter. On one filling, it is capable of running 24 hours. Apart from that it has 3 speeds that can be chosen. When running on the lowest speed, you will not hear anything at all, adding one more speed – makes the unit work just a bit louder though it is still almost not heard.

Any Assembling or Putting up Together Needed?

As soon as your Humidifier HCM-350 arrives, all you have to do is to add a filter and fill it with water.

How Often Should the HCM-350 Be Cleaned for Showing a Great Job? 

It is not needed to clean it every day, or even every week. Once per month is more than enough.

Refilling of the Tank

The tank is very light even for a child, therefore it is advisable to refill it every day.

How Can I Know If I Need a Humidifier at Home?

As it is stated, the perfect humidity at home should be around 35-45 per cent, and consequently if it is lower than that, then you are in need of a humidifier.

How Safe Is It If Children Are Around?

It is a very safe humidifier and will never make any harm to your children. Yes, it evaporates humidity but it is not hot or anything else. Therefore, there should not be any worries in this regard.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Humidifier HCM-350


Thumbs-Up   quiet operation

Thumbs-Up    kills bacteria, germs, and harmful microorganisms

Thumbs-Up    3 speeds of operation

Thumbs-Up   easy to wash

Thumbs-Up    self-regulating

Thumbs-Up   the water tank is large and even with one filling is able to work the whole day

Thumbs-Up   very light  – 9 lbs.


–    the tank has to be refilled every day

–    there were cases when users complained of the tank leak


The Humidifier HCM-350 is something one needs to improve the atmosphere and environment in the house or apartment as well as body condition and health of all members of the family, even the little ones.



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