Honeywell HPA100 True Hepa air purifier review

There exist many kinds of air purifiers and it is clear that they all are aimed at a particular purpose, for example, to help people who suffer from allergies, to kill germs and bacteria, to clean the air and so on and so forth. But speaking about the True HEPA Allergen Remover, I think you have already understood that its main and

important role is to assist people suffering from allergies and especially airborne germs. Having considered all its advantages and having also compared it with other air purifiers of the same class, one can say without any hesitations that the Honeywell brand is one of the top ranked and mostly chosen by customers all over the World. The proof to this statement can be the given score – 96 out of 100 positive.

This particular product as well as some others from the Honeywell models is produced by Kaz USA, Inc. Therefore the product is always of a high quality, well-built, designed, stylish, durable and the most important- with reasonable and affordable price.


Characteristics of the Allergen Remover From Honeywell

 Currently on the market it is the most popular and actual allergen remover. All its advantages make it stay in high-demand all the time.Coming closer to its pluses, one of them is the dual filtration system, which means that it captures 99.97 percent of all the allergens in your home; and they can be the following: smoke and dust, pollen, pet dander etc. Yet another its pro is the usage of the energy. In fact, it uses less energy than a regular light bulb. Conclusion- energy-effective, money-saving. And the last but not the least its advantage is the area this air purifier is capable of covering – 155 square feet. It is more than enough even for large houses or apartments.


 pros   Comes in 2 colors – black and white. An opportunity to choose the one that will suit your home more. Very modern, doesn’t take much space, stylish, sleek and qualitative;

pros Ability to set an electronic timer for 2,4 or 8 hours;

prosIs capable of catching as small germs as 0.3 microns (catches at that same second as an airborne germ passes near the allergen remover filters);

prosThere are a few levels of possible cleaning; one can select any suitable for him/her in different situations, e.g Turbo Mode;

pros The Clean Air Delivery Rating is very high for all 3 factors: pollen, dust, and smoke;

pros A few levels of speed, again you have an opportunity to select the one you wish for.

pros  The presence of a Pre-filter aimed at absorbing bad odors that might come from new carpets or just painted wall etc.

Pluses, Advantages, Pros:

Thumbs-Up  The best machine one can get for such price and ability to kill the airborne germs;

Thumbs-Up  No need to learn long manuals as it is very user-friendly and can be manipulated by using a remote control. Therefore, everyone in a family will be capable of setting the speed etc;

Thumbs-Up  Is a great friend for those, who suffer not only from allergies but also from respiratory diseases, as after a few minutes it starts producing fresh, purified, healthy and sanitized air;

Thumbs-Up  Changes the air in the room 5 times an hour – it is a result that only top ranked allergen removers can demonstrate.

With the cost of only 134 dollars including shipping in it, this product is a real “steal”. To make it even more desirable for customers, manufacturers gave it a generous 5-year warranty. In case if any problem occurs during these 5 years, all the costs will be 100 percent covered by the warranty. That’s why don’t hesitate, to buy it now, to improve your and family’s health.

Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover
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Honeywell True Hepa Allergen Remover