Honeywell’s products have recommended themselves as reliable and efficient helpers in deodorizing and cleaning the air. All products have an exceptional quality that provides a long-term service of devices. Progressive construction and effective filters remove all common air pollutants. The products usually come with 5-year warranty. Such a big term, of warranty, shows that the company is sure in its products and ready to deal with any misconception that may happen.

Best Honeywell Air Purifiers

Honeywell provides three basic air purifier product conceptions: HEPA Clean, true HEPA allergen remover, QuietClean and AirGenius.
Here are the essential features to underline the cons of the products.
Honeywell HEPA Clean
• The product is designed for mass consumers
• Ultimately filters pollen, smoke, pet dander and particles of dust
• Created for almost any size of a room: from smallest to medium-large
Honeywell QuietClean
• Mid-range device
• Filters even the smallest particles of dust, mold spores, pollen, smoke and pet dander
• Suitable for almost any size of a room: from smallest to medium-large
• Reusable permanent filtration system
Honeywell AirGenius
• Hi-end product for true connoisseurs of air quality
• Filters microbes, smells and VOCs, even the smallest particles of dust, mold spores, pollen, smoke and pet dander
• Perfect for any size of a room: from small to largest
• Reusable permanent filtration system
Choosing a Honeywell Air Purifier in Singapore
Honeywell is one of the most popular and trusted air cleaning and odor removing brand. It is the last trend even in one of the most technologically developed countries of the world – Singapore. If you don’t sure about the quality of the air around you, then you definitely should check out Honeywell air purifiers. You can easy find Honeywell devices in Singapore, despite the fact that it’s made in the USA.
A Honeywell air purifier, according to the customers’ reviews, is the best air cleaning device you can get in Singapore. It’s perfect for minimizing risks of asthma and allergy, for making you feel reborn anew. It can be your personal helper, just plug and breath in the air. Here are some major reasons to choose Honeywell air purifiers, according to end customers experience.
• Recommended by certified doctors and medical equipment specialists. Medical professionals suggest that Honeywell purifiers are something you can trust. They often recommend getting a Honeywell device to get rid of causes of allergy or asthma. Private clinics also prefer efficiency and reliability of Honeywell air purifiers.
• It filters up to 99.96% of all contaminants in the air around you. HEPA filters allow for restraining even the smallest particles of the dust (down to 0.3 microns). More advanced Honeywell models have a feature to destroy microbes, spores and bacteria that is perfect for people who suffer from frequent illness, allergies, asthmas, etc.
• Honeywell units are excellent in eliminating odors. These little devices are able to remove annoying cigarette smoke, pet and human smell, kitchen odor and even fumes in your garage. Fresh and deodorized ambiance guaranteed.
• It passed a professional inspection of Singapore scientists. Basically, these are first air purifiers from the US, which have passed a high standard, strict certification according to Singapore laws. This means that these devices are perfect for interacting with Singapore’s environment.
• Innovations of Honeywell company are possible thanks to the latest technologies in air purification. There is no risk of a failure because you are choosing certified product, which proved its efficiency in Singapore and worldwide. The company makes reliable and practical devices using efficient HEPA filtration system, which makes purifiers work even more intense.
• Prices and forms variety is affordable for any wallet in Singapore. Honeywell cares about all its customers. Starting from mass-market and ending with high-end products, Honeywell provides the best air filtration devices on the today’s market. You can choose any device to make it fit your budget, room, health needs.
The highest standards of imported products are a priority of Singapore’s government. Performability of Honeywell air purifiers is confirmed by thousands happy users in every corner of Singapore. If you’ve decided to buy a perfect air purifier, you definitely should check out a Honeywell product. Whether you’d like to get from it: reliability, quality or performance – it will provide you with things you’d expect and even more enjoyment from breathing free.

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