Top 3 Air Purifiers for your house

You definitely want you house or office to be 100% clean, but you only wish it was possible. Probably it will take a lot of effort if you want to clean the environment yourself. There is a much better idea for people who care about their health condition and are willing to try a new solution for breathing as clean air as possible.

Air purifiers are great devices for keeping the room fresh and clean all the time. As you know, dusty rooms are not the best place for spending time as it may cause allergy. Especially, people who are suffering from some kinds of allergy or asthma should care about clear air to reduce the health problem.

Here you can find a brief review of best 3 Air Purifiers that will match all your needs. Due to a big popularity of this product, you can pick one out of top three and enjoy working or resting in a room full of fresh air. In general, air purifiers vary in the features that you will learn about by reading the information below.

Top 3 Air Purifiers for your house

So what is an air purifier?

You have probably heard bout or seen dehumidifiers that were very popular a few years ago. Despite this, dehumidifiers have the only one option to remove moisture from the air but do not clean it. Air purifiers, in particular, remove dust, fungi, pollen, plant spores, mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander and smoke that affect our health condition every day during our life. You only have to have an air purifier set in a room and the air will be constantly clean there.

If it sounds like a great idea and you have already become interested in buying one, you have to know how to choose the appropriate type of an air purifier for the house. Take into consideration the next steps:

prostype of a filter

prosroom size

proschanges of the air per hour

prosclean air delivery rate

prosthe level of the noise

prosenergy usage


All of those features are described below. Therefore, you can find out how to differ numerous models of air purifiers and buy the best one for your place. Let’s take a look what top 3 air purifiers the market offers at the moment:

Honeywell HFD-120-Q Quietclean Tower


This popular air purifier offers 3 cleaning levels and circulating the air up to 5 times per hour which is a good index. The product has washable filters. Get this one if you are looking for a simple and effective cleaner of the air for your home


 Winix PlasmaWave 5300 True HEPA


This device is the best choice for those customers who value the price. It is a high-quality device for cleaning the air in 3 stages with a built-in fan and a sleep mode. This very product has reached its popularity in a short time, as it has got a pretty design, set of important options and a reasonable price of course. If you work/live in the area up to 400 square feet, the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 will show the best performance, no doubts.


Rabbit Air MinusA2


This model is one of the most expensive portable air purifiers on the market has got the highest esteem from customers. Firstly you will love it only by looking at its stylish and modern design. It will suit any room in the house or in the office, as it is thin. Rabbit Air MinusA2 clears the air fast and effective, surprises with a quiet performance, reduce odors and other unpleasant smells.


Now let’s look through the necessary features every portable air purifier should have. Make sure you know what each mean and how it will benefit your life.

Type of a filter

There are several filter types for air purifiers: HEPA, ultra violet, carbon and ionic. Some models of air purifiers have only one type of a filter while certain models consist of two. This filter is the best to clean the area in your house/commercial space and keep the air fresh indoors. HEPA filters help to remove dust and pollen up to 99.9% comparing with other types of filters. If you are willing to get this particular type of a filter, check out the price first, as you will need to spend money every time you change the filter. Ultra violet filters clean the air by sending UV lights and killing bacteria and viruses. Even though, an air purifier with an ultra violet filter will not remove dust and pollen. If you still prefer using UV filter, better mix it with other types. The carbon filter does not cost much comparing with other types and it still helps to keep the place as clean as possible. With a carbon filter, you can get rid of tobacco smoke, odors, food smell, gases, and chemicals in the air. If you buy an air purifier just for this purpose, carbon filter will be the best pick. Air purifiers with ionic filters have a bit different work. Such filter spreads out negative ions to stop attracting allergens. Unfortunately, ionic filters should be changed very often, which may make you obsessed with it and spend quite a lot of money.

Room Size

When you look for a new or your first one air purifier you should consider how big the room is where you must set a device. Usually, the manufacturer mentions the square footage to pick the right air purifier. So check the square footage before choosing a product or consult a manager!

Changes of the air per hour

This index shows how many times the air purifier changes the air during one hour. Surely, the higher number, the cleaner air will be in the room. For instance, the number 8 is an excellent index for the air purifier. Choose the model of a product that offers at least 4 air changes per hour for a good effect

Clean Air Delivery Rate

The CARD feature is one of the important details when looking for an air purifier. The rating calculates by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and should contain a seal. Check for it when looking through various models of air purifiers. Those devices that have been approved by AHAM are best for removing dust, pollen, and smoke

Level of the noise

Having a device that cleans the air in the room should be quiet also. Otherwise, you will forget about its advantages and want to get rid of a loud machine that does not let you rest. For example, when looking through different air purifiers for the bedroom, get the device with the lowest noise level. If you need one for commercial needs then the level of noise in not a big factor. Find decibel rating listed on the package or ask the manager what level is appropriate for a living room and kitchen.

Energy Usage

One of the most significant questions with any device is how high your bill will come up after one month of using it. Air purifiers usually work through the whole day, but apparently they do not need a lot of energy. Most modern models of air purifiers consume from 50 to 300 w per hour, which is lower than a computer. In average, using an air purifier 24 hours during a month will cost your 13$ (156$ per year). Still if you worry about the money you will spend on running your new air purifier, choose Energy Star Certified. Air purifiers with such mark save up to 40% of energy. Look for Energy Star Certified mark if the price stands on the first place


Like with any other device for you home you will find prices from extremely low to very expensive. For instance, check on popular air purifiers on Amazon, read about each model and compare prices. As we have already mentioned above you can choose one out of best 3 air purifiers on the market now. Remember that a high-quality and sturdy device should cost around 100$. Otherwise, you may face problems with a good performance, defects and the absence of a warranty.

If you look through different forums where people ask about air purifiers, you can find similar questions which you will think about also when looking for a good one. Here you can find answers on 3 common questions to summarize all pros and cons.

Do I need an air purifier?

People like asking such question as every new device provoke interest but not always a demand. Definitely everyone wants to live in a clean environment and the air purifier is the easiest way to reach it. It is proved that the level of air pollutants indoors is 3 times higher than on the street. Why? The lack of the air circulation or humidity in the house can cause asthma and allergy. Using numerous sprays, chemical cleansers, running the heaters and chimneys clogged up rooms with harmful air. If you smoke, have pets and clean the dust often you must have an air purifier, as you are not able to remove such air contaminants by keeping windows opened and cleaning the room every day only.

What is the best place to set an air purifier?

For the health benefit, you must place the air purifier in those rooms where you spend most of the time. The bedroom will be the best place as you spend around 7-8 hours sleeping. Providing fresh and clear air in the bedroom you will fall asleep and wake up feeling good. Also, it will be perfect if you set an air purifier in a living room. This way you can get rid of unpleasant smells and keep the room clean of the dust. Set one in your office, if you work for the whole day.

Portable or central air purifier?

If this question is under consideration, then you should rely on your budget. In general, portable models of air purifiers are cheaper plus they do not need a professional installation. You can move a portable device to any room of the office or house. Central purifiers cost 1000$ and more but perform on the same level as portable ones. Nowadays stylish portable air purifiers suit any room without damaging the design if your house or a flat. Even if you buy a portable air purifier that costs 400$ you still save a lot of money comparing with central purifiers that need a professional installation.

Hopefully, you have found the answers that were bothering you and now you can decide if you should make a purchase. Rely on the research and choose one of the top 3 devices to protect your health, make the air clean and destroy dangerous bacteria daily.

Top 3 Air Purifiers for your house

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