If you have already faced such unpleasant problem as mold, you must think about eliminating it immediately, as it can cause some serious illnesses. If you try to remove mold yourself, you will not reach a good result as the source of this disastrous issue is the high level of humidity indoors.

By reading this article, you will finally find a great solution to eliminate the reason and mold in particular. The most reliable method is using an air purifier at home. You may run one device that will operate in all the area in your house or place one in each room.

These are the questions that bother customers with the same issue as you have:

prosHow mold can affect health?

prosDoes air purifier help to remove mold?

prosWhat model of air purifier should I get for my house/flat?

So, the first answer about how mold can affect health will shock you. Some people have allergy on mold and even if you do not belong to that group of patients, you still are under the risk of having symptoms such as sneezing, cough, red eyes, skin rashes and other unpleasant feelings that disturb you from rest or work. Such symptoms can cause a bigger health problem with time if you are living in the moldy environment.

More that 50% of people face the problem of mold indoors, that can be absorbed by nose, throat, and skin. You may not realize, but living in the house/flat with mold on the walls, you have a risk to get cancer, fibrosis, cardiac conditions, neurotoxicity and immunologic disorders. You can easily protect your health by getting a certain model of air purifier that eliminates mold up to 99.9%.

The second question “Does air purifier help removing mold?” has a positive answer due to the newest technology that includes true-HEPA, UV light, and carbon filters. HEPA filters are well-known for killing the smallest negative particles in the air that cause mold spores. Choose only true-HEPA filters for your new air purifier as only they will give you the result you are chasing. Ultra Violet filters spread the light that eliminates bacteria that lives in mold. The carbon pre-filter will help to destroy the strong smell of mold in your house.

You should remember that apart from buying an air purifier, you will have to spend money on changing filters for the best performance of the device. Also, make sure that you get a special air purifier if you suffer from asthma. Better consult a manager or do a research on the internet what is the best unit for patients with asthma issue. Otherwise, you can complicate your health condition or waste your money on the device that will not bring a desirable effect.

Now you can look at Top 3 Recommended Air Purifiers for removing mold fast and effectively. Read the description of each unit, compare prices (from low to high) and pick the best one for the room where you spend the most of your time.

Germ Guardian 3-in-1 UV-C & True HEPA Air Cleaning System (AC4825)

GermGuardian air purifier for mold spores

If you have never had any kind of air cleaner at home, try this cheap but very effective air purifier. Germ Guardian 3-in-1 consists of three types of filters (HEPA, UV, and Activated Carbon). If you live in a small area up to 150 square feet, this unit will suit your house perfectly. 3-in-1 air cleaning system removes mold and viruses after a few hours of running it plus you will finally destroy the nasty smell in rooms. The small size of the unit is great for those owners who do not like to fill the house with different appliances.


Luma Comfort AP400W HEPA Air Purifier with 5-Stage Advanced Air Cleaning

Best Luma Comfort AP400W HEPA air purifier for mold spores

Once you look at the air purifier itself, check the price and read about its features you will understand that it is just what you need. The device is not too expensive if you live in the house with the area up to 400 square feet and all your efforts to eliminate mold in the past failed. Luma Comfort AP400W has got 5-stage filtration system that effectively gets rid on dust, mold, high level of humidity indoors and dangerous bacteria in the air. The carbon pre-filter wipes out the smell that spreads on the furniture and clothes. The unit offers timer up to 7 hours and 3 fan speeds from turbo to a sleep mode. The device has a handle, so you can move it to the other room anytime.


Mammoth 1000 Pure Home Series 7 Stage HEPA Ionic Carbon TiO2 Ozone Air Purifier


Mammoth 1000 pure HEPA ionic air purifier for mold spores review

The most expensive air purifier for eliminating mold that is worth to get. This is an incredible machine as it performs in the area up to 2500 square feet. It means that you can place it in the big house or in the office. Mammoth 1000 Pure Home Series provides 7-tage filtration system including true-HEPA, Ultra Violet light, and Activated carbon filters. If you suffer from asthma you better avoid this unit as it includes ionic filter. It can cause complication of asthma symptoms. Use timer for more comfort. If you can afford this very air purifier, you will be satisfied with the unbeaten result after a few hours of running it.


Improve the environment you live in and start breathing fresh air every day.

Best Air Purifiers for Mold Spores
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Best Air Purifiers for Mold Spores