Rabbit Air MinusA2

Rabbit Air MinusA2


  • 6 stage air purification and deodorization
  • Energy Star efficiency certificate
  • Customizable Design
  • Customizable Filter
  • Extremely silent
  • Cheap maintenance
  • Auto fan speed


  • Expensive

Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier review

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Rabbit Air MinusA2 and offer you our ratings and reviews for this air purifier model.

From the very moment this air purifier has been launched, it has earned much popularity among the customers. Even more, it has become the object of attention of other brands producing air purifiers.

Briefly, this air purifier can boast of an elegant style in combination with high efficiency, which are unbeatable in the whole market of air purifiers.

As a matter of fact, a clever design of this device allows you to not only beautifully fit it into any space but also customize a whole range of its external features. Namely, you can either enjoy the stylish solid color of the front panel or turn it into an interior decoration by choosing an image from a tasteful range of paintings and pictures. And with the possibility to easily mount this flat air purifier to a wall, you can transform it into a real piece of art proudly showing itself off in your room.

Nevertheless, good looks are not the only thing this air purifier has to offer. In fact, its technical characteristics are even more impressive. They also give space to customization allowing you to choose among such filter options as follows: Odor Remover for perfectly odor-free air, Pet Allergy for those suffering from the nasty allergies, Germ Defense for reducing the risks of catching diseases, and Toxin Absorber for elimination of any toxic particles floating in the air.

Add the space coverage varying from 700 to 815 sq. ft. in different models to the list of benefits, and you will clearly see the winner in the field of air purifiers.

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper into the characteristics of MinusA2 to fully grasp why it has become so popular.

Reasons to Admire the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier


Customizable Design

Rabbit Air MinusA2 ultra quiet HEPA air purifier reviewWhat helps Rabbit Air stand out among other air purifier companies is their belief that you should not compromise on style in favor of comfort. You have already read above that this device offers unbeatable possibilities for customization of its design so that it became an integral part of your house interior. So what exactly can you do with it to change it in accordance with your personal tastes?

Customize the Front Panel
No other brand can offer such an ingenious customization possibility, which allows you to turn the device for air purification into a real masterpiece at your home! Rabbit Air gives the customer a great choice of images to take place at the front panel of the air purifier. The “Artists Series” includes the famous and most popular paintings of Van Gogh and Klimpt, Hokusai’s illustrations, Cowdroy’s designs, Paul Frank’s and Charles M. Schulz’s pictures, as well as original graphic designs created by the Rabbit Air’s team of artists.

Use the Beautiful Mood Lighting
The Rabbit Air MinusA2 includes eye-catching LED mood lighting. You can turn it on whenever you want to fill the room with beautiful and stylish colors or to simply see your way through the room at night.

Put It on a Wall
Possessing such stunning customization abilities, this air purifier is worthy of taking a prominent place in your room interior. Its slim profile with a thickness of only 7 inches makes it perfect to either stand alone on a level surface or be mounted to your room wall. Having customized the front panel with one of the beautiful pictures, you can confidently use it as a clever and modern wall décor.

Entirely Customizable Filter

If you try to find an air purifier that allows customization of its filtering options, we bet you will find none. Except for the Rabbit Air MinusA2.

The possibility to customize the filter functions to suit your specific requirements for air purification is one of the strongest reasons for our high ratings. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 offers you as much as four different options for its main filter so that you could enjoy the very result you need from your air purifier.

Germ Defense Filter
This option guarantees that the air in your house or business stays free of different airborne bacteria, mold spores, and even viruses that can cause a whole number of diseases. This option will be of special importance to those who have children, are susceptible to the influence of viruses and bacteria, or simply want to improve the general condition of their health.

Toxin Abosrber Filter
If you have to live in the area that exposes you to the influence of the so-called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic particles in the air, this filtering option will be of immense value to you. The Toxin Absorber Filter is capable of catching and retaining inside all the harmful toxic particles floating in the air.

Pet Allergy Filter
Finally, you can say goodbye to the never-ending nightmares caused by the numerous allergens in the air, including pet dander. This filter effectively eliminates all those particles that cause various allergies so that you could enjoy a totally new quality of air and thus the new quality of life.

Odor Remover Filter
With the help of this filter option, you can remove the unpleasant and annoying odors, starting with the cooking smells and ending with cigar odors and even mildew. This filter is specifically designed for catching the small particles that are the cause of a certain smell in the air.

Quiet Operation and Energy Efficiency

One more reason to fall in love with the Rabbit Air MinusA2, especially when compared to other air purifiers in the market, is the silence of its operation. Believe it or not, but the volume difference between the MinusA2’s operation and human breath is only a few decibels.

Such quiet operation has become possible owing to the so-called brushless motor technology used in this air purifier. In comparison with the brushed motors used in other air purifiers, a brushless motor not only guarantees noiseless operation but is also characterized by higher power and efficiency indicators together with easier maintenance. Thanks to these characteristics, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is a total winner in both categories of quietness and cost of ownership and maintenance.

Energy efficiency of this device is proved by the Energy Star certificate, which can leave you confident in the profitability of the MinusA2 on the long-term horizon.


Low Operating Cost

The MinusA2 possesses several more characteristics that guarantee the low operating cost of the device and thus would be interesting for you to know.

Automatic Air Quality Monitoring
Using the data provided by the built-in air quality sensors, the MinusA2 automatically regulates the speed of the fan to use the one that suits best.

Automatic Light Sensing Mode
The MinusA2 air purifier is endowed with a light sensor that monitors the levels of lighting in the room. When the lighting is turned off, the sensor automatically takes the MinusA2 into the sleep mode and brings it back to the active mode instantly after the lighting it turned on again.

Filter Cost Per Year
In case of a 12-hour per day operation, the annual filer cost will make $42.5 while a 24-hour per day operation correspondingly changes this indicator into $85.00 a year.
For your ultimate convenience, the device combines the filter life indicator with an automatic reminder that lets you know when the time to change the filter.

Air Purification and Deodorization in a Six-Stage Process

With its complex six-stage operation process, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 provides the best possible air purification and deodorization that you cannot but enjoy. The six stages go as follows:

Pre-filter (Permanent and Washable)
Effectively catches allergens (including pet hair), dust, and other comparatively big particles floating in the air.

Medium Filter
Designed specifically for trapping particles the size of which is bigger than 1 micron. These include pet dander, mold, and pollen — common causes of allergic reactions.

BioGS HEPA Filter
This is a breakthrough in the field of air filtration. It is an exclusive technology that gives the dust to the popular true HEPA filter. The BioGS HEPA technology is capable of catching smaller airborne particles measuring as little as 1.3 microns. This makes it possible to efficiently remove common allergens, as well bacteria and viruses. Moreover, this technology additionally inhibits bacterial and viral growth, which often occurs in other air purifiers. Finally, this unique filter reduces everyday smells and odors and extends the overall effectiveness of the device.

Customized Filter
This is where you can use the possibility to customize the levels of purification according to your specific needs. As you already know, you are given an extensive choice of filters that include Pet Allergy, Germ Defense, Toxin Absorber, and Odor Remover filters.

Activated Carbon Filter
The activated carbon filter used in Rabbit Air MinusA2 is characterized by a substantially higher effectiveness that the AC filters you can find in other air purifiers. Unlike common filters with a thin activated carbon coating, the MinusA2 can boast of a filter using granular activated carbon of a high-grade category. Such an upgraded version of an activated carbon filter makes it impossible for the toxins and household odors to escape.

Negative Ion Generator
Such a powerful and popular air purification device would be incomplete without an ionizer that bonds the small airborne particles so that they become too heavy to continue floating in the air of your room.


Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier
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