If you smoke at home or some of your family members have such habit, you should have thought about some kind of air cleaner, sprays to eliminate the smoke or at least turn on the hood. Similar methods of destroying the smell do not always work which make you feel uncomfortable at home. If you are not willing to quit smoking and do not want to complain about other people who you live with, then consider getting an air purifier to keep the air fresh.

Air purifiers are perfect units for getting rid of tobacco smoke fast and effective. There are different types of air purifiers. For your need, you should buy a device that can remove smoke and other unpleasant smells and set it in the room where you usually smoke. Even if you smoke for many years, you will agree that having such strong smell indoors is not nice. Your clothes, wallpapers, furniture suck in tobacco smell which in not easy to eliminate with washing powder or other cleansers.

Best 3 Air Purifiers for Tobacco Smoke Review

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If you are a smoker, you do it at home as well as on the street. It is impossible to smoke everywhere but not at home. Spending a lot of time at home, you usually have a fag with a drink or while watching TV. You do not have to change your routine as there is a great idea for everyone who smokes indoors. Modern models of air purifiers allow you to smoke in any room of your house and get rid of tobacco odors instantly. Affordable price, stylish design and smart features will make you like this device and get it for your house also.

The next step is choosing the right type of air purifier to destroy strong cigarette smoke. Due to different options, not every model of air purifiers can help you to clear the air from tobacco smoke. Therefore, do not skip the information about each model and choose only that one that provides the feature of eliminating cigarette odors. The device for your need, in particular, should include the option of removing gaseous pollutants. For example, carbon pre-filter for eliminating the smell and HEPA filter for destroying smallest particles is the best combination if you like smoking at home. Remember that only these two types of filters will help you to get rid of the smell guarantee. Otherwise, you will waste your money on the stylish unit which only helps to remove dust, pollen and bacteria. Not bad, but it is not what you are aiming for.

Even though you still harm your health (it is not a misery for you), you still can decrease the level of damage for your lungs. Certain models of air purifiers absorb gases which clear the air in those rooms where you spend a lot of your time. You know that tobacco odors are very strong and when you smoke in the kitchen, the smell spread out into the bedroom as well. By constantly running an air purifier, you will have better sleep due to a fresh air in the room during the night.

Today, there are only 3 good units the market offers that will match your need. Each air purifier models has got HEPA filters plus activated carbon for eliminating the smoke from the whole house.

Look up at three picks by the research with rating and prices from low to high.

Austin Air Jr. HealthMate HM 200


This is the cheapest way to get rid of cigarette smoke effectively. The device has got all necessary features to remove the unpleasant smell from all rooms in the house plus it helps to eliminate dust, the high level of humidity indoors and different types of viruses. Nice design of the unit will suit the living room as well as the kitchen. If your house/flat is not bigger than 700 square feet in total, you can buy only one Austin Air Jr. HealthMate HM 200

Rating: 4.5


Rabbit Air MinusA2


The second air purifier on the list with reasonable price will consume tobacco smell in big areas. It will be enough to set one device for the flat/house that has a few rooms. The product offers 6 stages of air purification and selection of filters that last for up to 2 years. Leave the unit run during the night and have a good sleep, as it shows extremely quiet work. Energy efficient mark will surprise you with an inexpensive electricity bill after using the device 24 hours during a month. Pretty design of Rabbit Air MinusA2 will want you to get it immediately!

Rating: 4.9


Austin Air HealthMate HM 400


This high-cost device for smokers has taken only a second place in the rating. Austin Air HealthMate HM 400 is the next model after HM 200 and it is well improved. This unit is an excellent choice for big commercial areas or houses up to 1,500 square feet. The device has got 4 stages of air filtration and 3 fan speeds for comfortable usage. You can be sure that having Austin Air HealthMate HM 400 in your house you can forget about cigarette smoke, frequent change of filters and a failure to function at the highest level.

Rating: 4.7


If you have read this article till the end you will like the idea of having an air purifier at home 100%.  Rely on this research and choose the best device to make the air in your house clear and fresh. Smoke in any room of your flat/house and protect your belongings, furniture and accessories from the bad smell. It is a great purchase for those families where one of the members has a habit to smoke. You do not have to complain and avoid spending time with your beloved in the same room while he/she smokes.

Best 3 Air Purifiers for Tobacco Smoke Review

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