Odors can make living impossible even in the most beautiful places. Foul smells in a room spoil the entire impression and poison one’s life considerably. There are multiple reasons that can cause unpleasant smells in an apartment: vicinity of factories and plants, construction sites, even household wastes and cigarette smoke. Some people can get used to smells, but what about those having sensitive noses? A good odor eliminator will help you to get rid of irritating and unhygienic smells. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator definitely deserves to be rated as one.

Having the ACH rating of 5 air changes in an hour, the device is so efficient that is capable of eliminating any odors in a room leaving nothing but fresh air. At that, its weight is only 4.1 pounds and its energy consumption is not greater than that of a 15W lightbulb. To remove odors, this device uses three carbon filters thus not only making air fresher but also trapping dust and airborne particles and removing them from the air in your room. Operating with a fan it draws ambient air in and after putting it through the filters releases it crispy fresh. You can easily adjust the TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator for your needs as it also comes with two speed modes. Despite its modest size and energy consumption, it’s capable of maintaining fresh air in a room for nearly three months what is especially important for people who often leave home for prolonged trips. This device will make you forget about damp smells and disgusting odors in your home. It will be especially appreciated by smokers as having switched this device on they will make cigarette smoke literally vanish from their rooms. Moreover, if you want to have some particular scent in your apartment the device has a special slot where you can insert scented cartridges.

So here are five reasons why you will want to buy it:

prosthe affordable price of somewhat under $30;

prosit’s cost-effective and consumes so little power you will hardly notice its share in your electricity bill;

prosit’s easily portable weighing only 4.1 pounds;

prosit doesn’t simply combat odors, it also purifies the air with carbon filters;

prosit provides you with an opportunity to fill your room with the desired scent providing a special slot for scented cartridges.

It’s only possible drawback is that the sound of its fan working might be audible if your room is completely silent. In all other terms, it will be just exactly the perfect pick for people eager to get done with odors in their homes.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator
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Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator