Air Purifiers: Whole Home Models & Portable Ones


Before choosing an air purifier, decide on whether you need a whole home model to attach it to your HVAC system or a portable one to carry it over your house. On sale, there are two main types of air purifiers: static models and portable ones. Unlike static units, the last can be carried to any room in your house with ease.

The Aprilaire Model 5000 Electric Air Cleaner is a static unit. It belongs to best models that are hooked into a ventilation system. With such a unit, all rooms in your house will be filled with clean and fresh air that is filtered right at the HVAC system.

This option is an excellent investment for people suffering from allergies. It removes up to 98% of dust, pet dander, germs, and smoke, 99% of mold spores and pollen, and 80% of ultra-fine allergy triggers. Bear technicians.

Unlike portable units, static ones require fewer filter changes, which will save you money in prospect. However, portable air purifiers can be carried to any room in your house or moved to a central position within your home.

When it comes to portable air purifiers, there are more options to select from while static ones have about five different choices. Portable units use a wider variety of air purifying technologies. Moreover, they are cheaper and require no professional installation.

Even through portable units are cheaper and smaller, they are powerful enough to deliver excellent air purifying results. Below, there are several recommendations that can handle an area of 3,500 square feet. These models are worth the whistle for sure!

Air Purifying Technologies


If you are going to buy a static unit and attach it to your HVAC system, then there is no need for you to read this section. All static filtration systems use the same technology for cleansing the air that comes to your house.

If you are going to purchase a portable unit, then go ahead. There are two main technologies employed for filtering the air: a true HEPA filter and an ionic emitter.

Here, we will tell you why you have to buy one or another technology.

In a nutshell, a device that uses a true HEPA filter meets the standards approved by the United States Department of Energy. According to these standards, the purifier must eliminate up to 99.97% of all airborne particles that are not bigger than 0.3 microns. For instance, a human hair is five microns in size.

On our website, there are many reviews for the best true HEPA air filter purifiers. They trap small particles into a physical filter and prevent them from re-entering a room.

You can install an HEPA air purifier, regardless of your allergies or breathing problems. If you ask, true HEPA purifiers are the number one choice for cleansing the air in a whole house or a room.

Be aware that true HEPA units cost more than ionic emitters.

Ionic emitters don’t use any physical filters. In fact, they emit negatively charged ions to attract small particles that float in the air. Once attracted, the particles become very heavy to continue floating in the atmosphere, so they fall on the floor.

Some ionizers come with electrostatic collection plates that collect fallen particles. The plates have to be cleaned once in a while. The major pro of all ionizers is that they attract 0.01-micron particles.

Since some people may be very sensitive to the ionic emissions, ionizers are not recommended to those with breathing problems. If you are one of them, opt for a true HEPA device.

If ionic emissions don’t affect you, save some money by buying an ionic emitter to cleanse the air in your house.

Now, let’s get to another section of our guide, where we will give you our recommendations!

Our Number One Pick

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier


This model received more positive reviews and won more awards than any other unit on sale.

If you have allergy symptoms, this purifier is a perfect option for you. In fact, its filtration system deals with the most harmful 0.003-micron particles that float in the air. If you ask, no device will deliver such great results.

The unit features advanced aerodynamics and optimized design. It produces no noise and serves for ages.

It comes with a four-stage filtration system, consumes little energy, and is covered by a five-year warranty. Customers are satisfied with the results delivered by this product, and they are surprised at how clean and fresh the air is within the whole house. The purifier can handle an area of 1,125 square feet, which is pretty much for an average household.

When it comes to the drawbacks, the model is not suitable for using in countries with the 220-240V power supply.


Other Great Whole House Model

Professional-Grade High-Volume Ionic Air Purifier, GT3000


Coming with advanced features, the unit is powerful enough to handle an area of 3,000 square feet. Indeed, the device is considered to be the most efficient and reliable air purifier ever produced. Recently, it has become available for sale to the wide range of customers.

The unit is so powerful that it eliminates pollutants embedded into carpeting, walls, and sofas. Moreover, it combats odors, dust, smoke, germs, mold, and more. If you ask, it is a hands-down winner on the air purification scene.

The manufacturer claims that the device uses safe levels of ozone and comes with an electrostatic precipitator. Looking through many reviews for this model, I’ve found only one complain about it causing a strong smell. I think that the person who complained is very sensitive to the ionic emissions. In such a case, a true HEPA filter unit is a better option for him or her. However, don’t let this complaint stop you from installing this purifier in your own house.

Another factor that made me include this model to the list is that it requires only fifteen minutes for cleansing the air. Within 24 hours, the most difficult pollutants can be eliminated from your home. The GT3000 features four timer-controlled settings that range from two to eight hours, so you could control its performance.


Living Fresh 3500 SQF Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Ionic Air Purifier Clean Air

71V+ADHE4nL._SL1024_This device is another model that handles large spaces. Indeed, it can handle an area of 3,500 square feet. That’s pretty much for a unit at this price!

Being enclosed in an attractive solid wood cabinetry, it goes well with any home decor. The unit eliminates pollen, mold, allergy triggers, gases, smoke, paint fumes, odors from cooking and pets, and other pollutants that cause itchy eyes, ear irritations, runny nose, and other allergy symptoms.

The model comes with ceramic collection plates that attract harmful airborne viruses. You can adjust the speed of the fan, slowing the device down in case your home is smaller than 3500 square feet. Therefore, you can increase its efficiency.

Even though the ceramic collection plates can be washed, you will have to change them once in a year, which is the only con of this product. Therefore, you pay extra $20-25 for a piece.

Hopefully, our guide will come in handy if you decide on buying a whole home air purifier that suits you best!


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