Winix Wac 9500 Ultimate Review

Winix WAC9500 HEPA air purifier review

 As you can see and understand from the name, this particular air cleaner was manufactured in assistance for those, who own pets. Comparing the Winix WAC 9500 with other brands in the same line, one can easily say that the 9500 wins without any hesitations, thanks to its exclusive and extraordinary features and characteristics. It covers the area of 285 square feet and is capable of killing 99.97 percent of all bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Its weight is 19 pounds which is not very heavy and measurements are 17” by 9” by 22”. It is better than the Plasma Wave 5300. Though both of them perfectly suit for those with pets, and for those who need to clean the pet hair and dander as it might cause allergic reactions. That’s why in order to avoid such dangerous situations for people’s health and consequently body, the Winix WAC 9500 was designed. Its unique features and excellent performance gave this product a chance to get 97 out of 100 positive reviews and feedbacks.



Thumbs-Up The pre-filter is washable – therefore no need to buy new ones every 3-4 months and consequently spend money on it;

Thumbs-Up   Especially designed and manufactured for pet owners – works fast and effectively, doesn’t give even a tiny chance for an allergic reaction;

Thumbs-Up   Is able to cover 285 square feet – placing it in one place, you may not worry that some other area will not be covered. This model will cover all the house or apartment;

Thumbs-Up  Easily removes all the air contaminants, such as the following: pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, odors and bad smells, bacteria and germs etc.


–    The presence of a white noise – it is not that loud though for some users it is a minor issue;

–    Too excellent – this is a one-time investment in your and family’s health.

Area It Covers

As it was mentioned above, the Winix WAC 9500 is capable of covering 285 square feet as well as changes the air 5 times an hour.

How Often Does It Change the Air?

The Winix WAC 9500 changes the air 5 times an hour.

CADR – Clean Air Delivery Rating

The CADR of this model is very impressive: 183 for smoke, 182 for dust and 194 for pollen.

How Much Energy Does It Use?

It should be said that this product is very energy-saving as it consumes only starting from 6 and finishing with 70 watts, which is equal to a regular light bulb and, therefore, will not take much of your money.


The manufacturers gave it a 2-year warranty and in case if something happens during these 2 years all the costs will be covered by the warranty.


Winix Wac 9500 Ultimate Pet True Hepa Air Cleaner Reviews
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Winix Wac 9500 Ultimate Pet True Hepa Air Cleaner Reviews