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When the Airfree Air Purifiers first entered the market, almost immediately they became a sensation. What helped the brand take its place among the leaders in the industry? Let’s take a closer look at the solution that provides efficient remedy over mold, viruses, bacteria and microbes.

This product is considered to be on the most powerful and efficient devices in the market. With smooth exterior and high end cleaning technology it gets rid of dust, various bacteria and airborne particles, thanks to innovative solution now known as Thermodynamic Sterilizing Technology. In addition, it also boasts a number of positive aspects like light weight and low noise pollution; maintenance is quite cheap as well. This is only the tip of the iceberg. More details are provided below.

The Technology Behind Airfree Air Purifiers Success

Here are a few facts about the Airfree purifiers:

  • The items are produced in Europe and adhere to the standards that guarantee high quality of the devices.
  • Quality assurance routine consists of a range of independent checks. This product is constantly tested in conditions of libraries, restaurants and hotels, and on top of that the devices go through laboratory test. The purpose of continuous testing is to improve the reduction rates for mold spores. Only those devices that have proven their efficiency are sold in the market.
  • The core of the AirFree is the generator that produces a temperature of 400°F. With precisely directed intensity of internal heat the purifying technology truly shines and produces successful results.
  • This device offer an unparalleled level of efficiency. It clears up to 99% of the harmful microbes and allergens from the air. The cleaning level is higher than that of a simple HEPA filter. Thanks to the clever use of technology it is also possible to cleanse the air from the smallest microorganisms with a unique ceramic structures without the use of ozone. Most viruses and harmful bacteria die at the temperature of 150 ° F, and AirFree works to destroy even the smaller viruses. An Airfree air purifier destroys airborne allergens: all kinds of viruses, fungi, mite, proteins from cat dandruff and mold spores. Its most important achievement is the destruction of the fungus fingers which are important in the production of food, without producing various side harmful products or gases that you can encounter when using the ozone machines.

Distinctive Features of The Brand

You may think that navigating through the Airfree line up may be quite difficult. But don’t worry! In fact, every Airfree model has certain basic features:

Exclusive Patented Air Sterilizing Technology – the superior performance of the Airfree air sterilizers before the competitors that use a HEPA filter or ionizer for air purification is provided by a patented development Thermodynamic TSS. It currently has no analogues and completely destroys microorganisms and allergens at the very core. The devices facilitate the process by drawing air from the surrounding air into the purifier, where the temperature of 400 ºF immediately sterilizes the volume. After that the clean and purified air is returned back to the room not carrying any harmful substances. On top of that no expensive filters need to be replaced during maintenance.

Extensive laboratory researches have been conducted to avoid unpleasant side effects that could occur when cleaning the air.

An Airfree air cleaner built with this technology will help you clean the air from:

  • all kinds of mold
  • bacteria and microbes
  • dust mites
  • dandruff from pets
  • fungi and much more

Completely silent work – without complicated filtering systems or other complex components, there are no moving mechanisms that can create noise. That is why the devices in this lineup are the most silent. The complete absence of noise makes it an ideal solution for bedrooms, offices, restaurants and hotels.

Zero ozone an ion emission – while ozone definitely helps purify the air and is therefore widely used, the the ionization has a number of downsides that make it a poor choice for people with certain medical conditions. Ozone is a harmful element that can cause a lot of health problems, namely:

  • Respiratory problems
  • COPD
  • Asthma

When buying any model produced by the Airfree company, you can be sure that your health is reliably protected. The exclusion of ozone and ions from the process allows this product to be recognized as a leader in the field of air purification safety.

Pros & Cons

The advantages of the Airfree brand include the following:

  • Easy use – you simply switch the device to ‘on’ and can forget about it for a week – the appliance has only one cleaning speed.
  • Silence – AirFree boasts low noise pollution, but at the same time it does its job well. It will be the best option for offices, bedrooms and other locations that require a calm atmosphere.
  • Easy maintenance – one of the most important facts about the air sterilizer is that it doesn’t require advanced technical work to be done on it. This is one of the key advantages over the rivals – many air purifiers require a constant replacement of filters.
  • Fashionable and stylish design – in addition to effective air purification and silent work it blends in seamlessly with the design of any apartment or house.
  • Two year warranty from the manufacturer -the general term of service is estimated for about five years.

Of course there are certain downsides that you should be aware of:

  • No Fan – while AirFree still provides one of the top performance rates in the industry, it is most effective in rooms with air conditioning because it’s not equipped with a powerful fan.
  • The full potential of the device is achieved after continuous use from twenty to thirty days (assuming that the result means removal of 99% mold spores, germs and fungi). If you want to disinfect the room in a short time, you can use this device in combination with a HEPA air cleaner.
  • The Airfree devices will effectively clean an average area. It is recommended to use 2 or more cleaners for bigger rooms.

Location. AirFree air cleaners can be placed almost anywhere, but since it uses air convection (basically, it lifts and lowers air flows), it works best when placed on the floor or next to it. You can still put it on the table, but you’ll need to use air conditioning or a fan for better effect.

Secure environment is required. It is worth noting that the top cover of AirFree reaches 144 °, which is quite inconvenient and dangerous, because it will be enough to make a serious burn. Children should not touch the lid; studies have shown that the child has time to pick up the hand before getting burned. However, mothers of young children should pay attention and take any precautionary measures to preserve the child’s health.

Now let’s take a look at the special features of certain models in the lineup.


Airfree P1000 Filterless Air Purifier

Air purifier P 1000 has a fairly simple and quiet design and offers a great price to quality ratio. And so, by what principle will this innovation work? The design is made up of three boards:

  • Intake chamber
  • Cooling capacitor
  • Combustion chamber
The first component serves to suck in the contaminated air. it enters the combustion chambers through small pipes, where it is cleansed by a temperature of 400 F – the viruses, bacteria and fungi of any shape can’t withstand the heat. After this sequence the hot air rises into the cooling chamber thanks to convection and after this it is returned back to the room in absolutely clean state.

Additional features:

  • Easy to use and does not need to be monitored when working.
  • Airfree P1000 allows you to save electric power, because the Airfree Thermodynamic TSS technology doesn’t require use fans or other mechanisms.
  • The primary use of the device is to clean the mold, bacteria and fungi on the area of the room to 450 sq. ft.
  • Compact and lightweight design which allows you to place this model in any room without bringing a drastic change to the interior. In addition, everything is easy to save on space, because it is quite bright
  • Absolutely silent work. Absence of fans allows to avoid disgusting noise that allows to place a design in bedrooms and easy to sleep.

Airfree Onix 3000 Filterless Air Sterilizer

P 3000 has a fairly simple but stylish look. This model rightfully occupies one the leading positions among the industry’s highest rated air purifiers and there is a reason for this. Due to the latest development of the patented thermodynamic sterilization (TSS), you can remove the cloves, mold and various bacteria from your home. This innovation can easily destroy pests at 99% in your home or apartment with an area of up to 650 square meters. If you have a dislike for noisy devices, then you have no worries! The P3000 does not make any sounds. In addition, this device has been approved and recommended by doctors. The absence of any fans and filters allows to keep the costs at minimum – small energy consumption and cheap maintenance are a huge advantage. Also the absence of ozone will help you avoid potential dangers to your health.

To sum up the features of this design, here are it’s advantages:

  • Silent work.
  • Absolutely harmless to people, as there is no ozone in the innovative product
  • The use of the latest technology allows to destroy 99% of the viruses and bacteria in any installed room.
  • The design is compact, easy and lightweight.
  • Two years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • A great choice for people who have problems with asthma or who already have a fungus or mold in the room.
  • Requires minimal technical maintenance.

Hunter 30710 Hepatech Tower Air Purifier

Like many Airfree air cleaners, the T800 is designed primarily for medium sized rooms. It works best when placed on the floor horizontally where the patented thermo-dynamic sterilization technology can process the air most efficiently. If this model is placed near the air circulator (air conditioner or fan) or simply in a draft then the effectiveness of cleaning from harmful microorganisms increases to 100% and dandruff of pets is no exception. It will take some time to clean up (up to two weeks). The TSS technology which operates by heating dirty that contains bacteria, mites and various spores. It has been tested in more than fifty countries and is recommended by many doctors and clients in their reviews of the Airfree air purifier. It is a great pick for people who seek a healthy lifestyle,

The key features of the model are the following:

  • Excellent choice in a small bedroom and kitchen up to 180 square meters.
  • There are no any type of filters and you won’t have to pay an extra.
  • It has a stylish and simple light weight design.
  • Comes with an adjustable anti-stress light.
  • A convenient and practical air cooling chamber.

Airfree Lotus Air Purifier

Thanks to the unique design of the powerful patented TSS thermodynamics technology and the clever engineering solutions of the Loftus model you will want to use it in your apartment or office. Stylish and original design makes this model acceptable for any interior. You can easily use this invention even as a decoration! However, in addition to beauty and ease of management, this innovation will surprise you with its ability to destroy harmful microorganisms in just a few days. Despite the fact that it does not use ions or filters, it will easily exterminate a wide range of pests: ticks, harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and several types of gases. It uses a minimum number of kilowatts and has been recommended for use in more than six countries.

Additional Features:

  • The temperature of 400 F easily exterminates microorganisms in the house
  • Low noise polution.
  • Airfree Lotus uses a LED light sensor with a chemotherapeutic light of 9 different colors.
  • Extremely light weight and compact casing.
  • Two year manufacturer guarantee.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • The presence of a cold chamber that provides cool air in the apartment during day and night.
  • Extermination of micro-parasites up to 99%.

Airfree E2800 Air Sterilizer

For a device that does not have moving parts and filters it seems unbelievable at first that it destroys up to 99% of bacteria, dirt, pollen and spores in your home.The tests conducted in more than six have proven that it’s true! It operating principle is based on the principle of boiling water combined with a cooling chamber that serves to deliver cold and fresh air. People with allergies will love this particular model. Consumption is as low as 52 watts and the cleaning area reaches 650 feet square. One cannot ignore the fact that the award-winning thermodynamic sterilization technology (TSS) has become as powerful as the widespread HEPA filters.

Additional Features:

  • There is no need for extended maintenance, since there are no any kinds of fans and filter.
  • Compact and stylish device that can work in all conditions in a medium-sized room.
  • No noise from and no harm to the environment.

Airfree E2800 Air Sterilizer

The whole success lies in the patented technology of the thermodynamic throw Airfree, the principle of which is based on boiling water, where the temperature is used for the destruction of microorganisms. Independent inspections in laboratories around the world have proven its efficiency. Airfree effectively copes with mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dander, tobacco and other organic allergens. So, what’s awesome about this device?

  • No noise of any kind during operation sequence.
  • Effectively cleanses an area of 180 square feet.
  • Causes no harm to the environment thanks to zero ozone and ionic emissions.
  • The device is easily attached to the walls.

AirFree Platinum 2000 OZONE FREE Air Purifier

  • Achieves optimum filtration up to 500 square feet.
  • Zero noise pollution.
  • Maintenance of this model is easy! No filter that would need to be replaced. Airfree uses a patented sterilization innovation that exterminates microorganic air pollutants with heated.
  • Complete absence of harmful waste.

Purchasing Tips

The key characteristics that you need to pay attention when buying Airfree is the size of the apartment (or house) in which the device will be used. Once you make a decision about the location, your choice will be narrowed down to a few options.

For small rooms:

Airfree Fit 800 or T 800 is the best choice in this range. When choosing between them, pay attention to the design of the device and how it fits into the interior of your apartment.

For Medium Sized Rooms:

Airfree P1000, P2000 or Tulip 1000 are leaders in the purification of medium-sized rooms. Basically choosing between these options boils down to if you want an oval shape or towers (or if you want multi-colored lighting).

For Large Sized Rooms:

The best pick for large rooms are the Lotus, Iris 3000 or Onix 3000 models. The only difference is in the design and in the night lighting.

Now that you know the differences between different models of air cleaners, we hope you will be able to make an informed choice.


Overall the Airfree air purifiers are one of the top rated devices in the market that offer a great combination of affordable pricing and high end performance. They can be used in households with inhabitants suffering from allergies or asthma thanks to no ozone being produced by the devices. With a range of devices for every room size you can pick a model that fits you best. Take your chance to improve the quality of life today.

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