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Austin Air Healthmate HM 400 Review

Reliable, robust and energy efficient – the Austin Air Healthmate hm400 air purifier packs quite a punch when it comes to price-quality ratio. Over the years it has taken its rightful place in the apartments, houses and offices throughout the United States. Let’s take a deeper look at what the Austin brand offers and why HealthMate 400 has earned recognition as one of the industry’s highest rated devices.

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The Austin Healthmate 400 is definitely a great pick if you:

  • Want some solid value for the price
  • Are looking for a robust solution for air purification that lasts for years
  • Need a medical grade HEPA and carbon filter in one device
  • Would like to keep maintenance cost as low as possible

The people who suffer from asthma or allergies will also find this device helpful – it helps relieve symptoms and reduce the risks of attacks. The device doesn’t emit any ozone. The best part is that you don’t have to wait long for the relief. You will feel the improvement of air quality almost instantly.

How Does Austin Air Healthmate 400 Work?

The most powerful feature of the Austin HealthMate 400 is the four stage purification system that pulls in and processes air from all directions in a full 360° circle. The cleaning sequence includes the following stages:

First – the air is cleared of all large particles by PermaFilt Pre-Filter – pet hair, dander and other contamination sources that you can actually see are captured while this process. This solution ensures prolonged term of service for the main filter.

Second – mold spores are captured by another Pre-Filter that is specially designed to deal with the medium side hazards.

Third – the air is cleared of unpleasant odors and chemical vapors by a filter made of Carbon and Zeolite.

Fourth – the smallest particles as small as 0.3 microns are trapped by a True HEPA filter. This is the industry’s gold standard – a medical grade solution that purges the air of 99.97% harmful components.

Power Features

Made to last

Judging by the Austin Air Healthmate 400 reviews, the device can easily run for a decade without any need for repairs or extended maintenance if handled properly. You can leave it running for long periods of time to enjoy fresh air with no worries – it is built to last.

Quality is one of the cornerstones of Austin business. The brand uses the highest quality components and efficient engineering solutions to ensure top notch performance. A PSC motor combined with steel casing and shock absorbents makes the Healthmate’s work powerful, quiet and relatively cheap.

The exterior of this model deserves a highlight as well. With four different colors to choose from and a slick design, it blends seamlessly in nearly any environment.

The manufacturer’s warranty lasts for 5 years! During this period of time the device is guaranteed to run without issues, and any repair is conducted free of charge if the unit is used under normal conditions.

Aside from that, if you need a filter replacement over a 5 year term (it may happen if you use the device 24/7, the life expectancy for a filter will be about 2-3 years in this case), you can get one at a discounted price.

Cut on your electricity bill

Another advantage of the model is its low energy consumption (which is extremely important in our opinion because a significant amount of users prefer to run it around the clock). According to the data provided by the manufacturers, the Healthmate 400 requires half the amount energy that an average air cleaner needs to operate.

Low sound

A major concern for people who have a working mechanical appliance near them is the level of noise they have to adapt to. The Austin lineup is created with the customers’ needs in mind, and the sound volumes that the HealthMate produces can be compared to a calm conversation – at maximum fan speed or a quiet dialogue – at medium (or default) settings.

The air cleaner is easy to use. You need to plug it into the outlet and select one of the three speed modes. No need to monitor its performance or interfere with it further. The device will do its job and provide fresh air for the residents.

Moving the device from one room to another is not a problem. The built-in wheels make it easy to relocate your HealthMate 400 without breaking a sweat. It’s also a great solution for people who can’t lift heavy weights because of certain physical conditions or medical prescriptions.

Simple maintenance is also a big advantage. Remove the pre-filter and vacuum the surface – it should be enough to restore the efficiency of the device’s work. It should take no longer than 10 minutes

Affordable price

The Austin Healthmate is really cheap to use. The annual expenses amount to approximately 35 USD in electricity expenses and about 43 USD for a filter (it needs replacement once every 5 years, this is the price broken down by term of service). Affordable, isn’t it?

Wide coverage

The device can effectively cleanse air on an area of 1500 square feet at maximum fan speed – enough to provide fresh air for an entire house. If you place it in a standard sized bedroom, it will clean the air inside 13 times an hour. Powerful and efficient, it creates air currents at maximum speed that can actually be felt. Please keep an eye on the ventilation holes – they should remain unobstructed at all times.


The Austin Healthmate 400 air purifier boasts incredibly high performance and captures up to 99.97% airborne particles with a true HEPA filter. Compact casing and affordable maintenance make it a great pick for residential environments. If you are looking for a reliable solution that will last for years or even a decade, this is your sure bet. Stay safe and breathe clean air!

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