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TOP 10 Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke Removal - Buying Guide 2019

What to do if there is a smoker at home? This unpleasant smell becomes real trouble. Would you like to get fresh and clean air indoors? Nowadays it’s rather easy to find the solution. Modern technologies offer special air purifier for smoke. These valuable devices do a great job. Taking into consideration their functions they will be helpful for every family. It’s especially actual matter for those, who suffer from tobacco smell, have allergies, asthma or lungs issues. The safe air for kids is one more pro to have this gadget.

The market offers the models variety of air purifiers for cigarette smoke and other contaminants. They differ in some features, design, and power. However, all of them are functional and useful.

Best Air Purifiers for Smoke – Updated List in 2019

Here is the review of the TOP 10 best cigarette smoke air purifiers. Our experts specified some technical items, touched the key benefits, main buying tips, use&care aspects. We hope this outlook assists you to find the right air sanitizing home tool. 

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier

Pure Enrichment PureZone True HEPA 3-in-1 Air Purifier For Smoke

Let’s start with Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1, produced by Pure Enrichment. For sure, it’s a real assistant to make the room air healthier. Accumulated energy of pre-filter, carbon, and true HEPA filters remove even 0.3 micron particles up to 99.97%. Additionally, UV-C Light kills bacteria, viruses, and germs. It’s very easy to set the most comfortable mode. This air purifier for smoke can work continuously. However, the timer switches off the unit after 2, 4, or 8 working hours. It helps to increase the 3-in-1 air filter’s validity. After 6-8 months reset indicator signals to change the filter.

It’s absolutely no problem to find the new one. For better efficiency, it’s worth to vacuum off or wash the pre-filter every month. Low, medium and high fan speed is adjustable to sanitize 200 square feet accommodation. The device is featured by whisper-quiet operation. So, smooth light, quietness and good air will bring sweet dreams. The manufacturer grants the 5-year warranty. Besides, the model’s design will never spoil home or office interior.

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Germ Guardian AC4825 Air Purifier

Germ Guardian AC4825 True HEPA Air Purifier For Cigarette Smoke

GermGuardian-Purifier-Sanitizer-Allergens-Guardian is a black, 22 inches tall, tower-shaped elegant unit. The manufacture proves the quality by 3 years warranty. Simply turn on the machine. From the first seconds, it improves the air in the rooms up to 167 sq. feet. The unit provides total air circulation 4 times per hour. Three filters will help to breathe without dust, pollen, and mold spores. True HEPA technology makes the room 99.97% free of harmful 0.3 microns sized particles. The UV-C light activates the Titanium Dioxide. In combination with charcoal filter, they neutralize the germs, microbes, smoking, cooking, household and pet odor.

Select the settings from 3-speed options including a silent mode for sleeping time. The indicator reminds about filter replacement  need. Usually, it happened after 6-8months of intensive running.

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Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier For Smokers With True HEPA Filter

LEVOIT LV-H132 gives you the chance to enjoy the premises without allergens, airborne bacteria, and smoke pollution. This air purifier was engineered to meet strict US standards eliminating 99.97% of 0.3 microns fragments. The cleaning process starts with fine preliminary filter. It absorbs fungi, dander, and mold. Then true HEPA filter continues to catch pollen, dust mites and bigger polluters. At the third stage activated carbon filter soaks up different unpleasant smells including cigars, cigarette smoke, and cooking odors. Levoit air purifier is 100% Ozone free.

Due to the unit’s dimensions and modern design, the Levoit air purifier is perfect for home and office places. Small and medium areas are the best ones. It’s possible to regulate the light brightness and speed mode for a comfortable feeling. The machine gently reminds when it’s time to change the filters. Their long life depends on air quality and working intensity. The Levoit offers 2 years of free customer support.

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Germ Guardian AC5250PT Air Purifier

Germ Guardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Germ Guardian AC5250PT is one of the best air purifiers to remove cigarette smoke. Be sure that this tool’s target is not only smoking smell removal but neutralizing the other household and chemical odors. High technology of UV-C light, HEPA and active carbon filters provide removing tobacco smoke smell from a house. In addition, up to 180 square feet rooms will be 99.97% free from unhealthy particles and polluters. This model has 5 speeds options. So you can always find the most comfortable rate. Even at night, it won’t disturb you running at the slowest pace. Apply the timer and set up the working period up to 8 hours. The certificate of Energy Star saves the money.

It’s very easy to move this 28 inches high device to the required place. The manufacturer offers elegant design and reliable operation. 5-year warranty and technical support from GermGuardian proves the perfect quality. The filters and other parts exchange is no trouble.

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Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

Hathaspace Smart 6-in-1 True HEPA Air Cleaner

Hathaspace presents a clever gadget to get excellent air. The features of air purifier and smell absorber assist to live without cigarette smoke. It needs only half an hour to renew the air indoor. Its capacity can manage 350 square ft area. The manufacturer engaged a cold catalyst, carbon, antibacterial, true HEPA filters, ionizer, and UV sterilizer to refresh and sanitize the air. The benefits of 6 stages filtration system protect your nearest from bigger and smaller airborne contaminants and unpleasant odors. This machine is easy to set up and operate even on distance.

At will, the user can select one of three paces. The fan is able to work with low, medium or high speed. One more option is auto mode. On the base of the results displayed by air quality indicator, the speed is regulated automatically. The function of sleeping mode reduces the noise up to 18dB. The light won’t disturb the sleeping as well.

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Winix 5300-2 PlasmaWave Air Purifier

Winix 5300-2 PlasmaWave Air Purifier

Winix 5300-2 is a smart representative among air purifiers for cigarette smoke. Besides tobacco outcome, the equipment absorbs different allergens including organic chemicals. Advanced technology performs the cleanness at three levels without ozone. Smart Sensor tests the air and shows the definite color on the LED display. Blue means good and red is for the worst air. Then it automatically optimizes the fan’s speed setting low, medium, high or turbo regime. Sleep mode is light sensitive. Lessening light in the room adjusts the indicator’s brightness, pace, and noise.

Carbon, HEPA filters and PlasmaWave know-how release 99.97% of harmful particles and odor in 360 square ft location. Filter replacement indicator informs when it’s time to use a new one. After exchanging procedure, reset this indicator again.

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Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

LV-PUR131 is one more air purifier for eleminating cigarette smoke from Levoit. It helps to breathe easier in the rooms up to 322 square ft or 30 m². Filtration system has three phases. The air circulates over preliminary, HEPA and charcoal filters. Due to high CADR rate 135 you will get fresh air within 10 minutes. The manufacturer guarantees the elimination of 99.97% of cigarette, cigar odors, cooking smell, and various small household dust particles. You will also get all-time technical support and 2-year warranty from the Levoit. The producer does not use Ozone, UV or Ions. It helps a lot in case of a stuffy nose.

A smart device is equipped with a special auto mode. This feature can analyze the indoor air condition and offer the best fan pace. It provides a faster process of purification. Sleep regime keeps from troubling noise. Using the timer you can rule 1-12 hours operation of this cigarette smoke air purifier. The manufacturer advises changing the filters every half a year. However, it depends on the particular air quality around.

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Blue Pure 211 Plus Air Purifier

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Blue Pure 211+ is the other device to purify the air from cigar, cigarette and tobacco smoke. Besides, it removes 99% of bad contaminants. The breath will be free from dust, mold, viruses, and bacteria. Five times per hour three staged system can filtrate the air even in 540 sq ft (50 m²) rooms. The air rotating pace is 350 cubic feet in one minute. So, the smaller space’s air will be perfect faster and more frequently. The manufacturer combines mechanical and electrostatic features. Laconic design and modern technology bring the joy of fine air indoor, minimum energy consumption and less noise.

The user can choose the most comfortable speed among any three ones. Half of the purifier’s body is the innovative filter itself. It has a huge quantity of the thinnest multilayer fibers. It is covered by pre-filter which is available in different colors. This mechanical strainer is easy to wash and change. Thus, it’s rather simple but efficient construction.

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Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier

Levoit Air Purifier Vista 200

LEVOIT Vista 200 is one more model of home air purifier for smokers. Being designed in California, the unit kills cigarette and cigars smoke smell successfully. So, you’ll get healthy air inside 161 ft² or 15 m² space. Three steps of filtration guarantee breathing without tobacco odor, dust, mold, bacteria, and other allergens. HEPA technology in cooperation with carbon and pre-filter are able to clean the air 24 hours a day. It won’t break the budget as it utilizes only 0.9W of electricity. It’s the result of an advanced engine which has at least 1-year warranty. Of course, the timer helps to set the 2, 4 or 8 hours operation time and automatic turning off.

There is the option among three fan’s speeds. Depending on room air condition, put on a reasonable pace like low, medium or a high one. For the sleeping time, you can regulate the light intensity or turn off the button. This mode offers neutralizing cigarette smoke odor practically silently. 

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Germ Guardian AC4900CA Air Purifier

Germ Guardian AC4900CA 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Eliminate cigarette smoke smell in the apartment with Germ Guardian AC4900CA. This is mobile and not heavy air purifier. Only 22 inches high device is perfect to get the better air in the rooms about to 150 sq. feet. True HEPA and charcoal filters rid any smoke and the other unacceptable smell. They also catch mold spores, dust, and a wide range of allergen particles up to 0.3 microns. The technology can barrier 99.7% of unsafe contaminants. Equipped with UV-C feature smoke air purifier kills viruses and germs. The unit rotates the air inside the room four times per hour.

Go for one of three speeds. Select the lowest pace for extra-quiet mode. It brings comfortable sleeping with fresh air. The indicator of the filter replacement shows the best time to change these important parts. Three years warranty is a nice bonus from the producer.

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Buying Guide to Air Purifier For Smoke

It’s worth to keep in mind the following criteria before the final decision as for the best air purifier for smoke:

  • Mission

The cleaning system has to comply with air pollution factors. In other words, define what contaminants the concrete unit removes. Read the description or manufacture’s manuals. They should mention that the purifier removes the smoking smell from the house.

  • Filtration type

To release the apartments of smoking aftermaths the equipment must have a special cigarette smoke feature. Such a purifying system should be a combination of some smell removing elements. Activated carbon or charcoal meshes and True HEPA filters eliminate cigarette odor definitely.

The most models of worthy air purifiers for removing cigarette smoke are equipped with HEPA technology. Search this word when you examine your future purchasing of tobacco smell sanitizing machine. Avoid the goods when the producer offers similar or like HEPA cleanness. Only true HEPA marking is acceptable in this case. 

  • Capacity & room area

The device’s power should be enough to match the area of the room. Thus, check the equipment’s ability and clean air delivery (CADR) rate. It shows the air volume circulating over the system per minute. Accordingly, the larger room requires higher figures. The other advice is to check the capacity of equipment fits in the footage of the apartment. Overcapacity will spend extra energy and too small capability will not do its job completely.

  • Dimensions & mobility

Of course the size and weight of smoke smell removing machine are important. The user should find a reasonable place. If necessary you can easily move it to the other location. In case the supposed place is the table you can limit by portable cigarette smoke purifier.

  • Style& design

There is a big choice of diverse models on the market. You can always choose the look which fit your aesthetic preferences and matches house design.

  • Energy consumption

The certification of Energy Star proves that the purifier has rather small electricity consumption. Find this sign or wattage information in the manuals or product description.

  • Multi-speed feature

This option assists to regulate the pace of the gadget. The highest speed is excellent to eliminate smoke or refresh the air quickly and intensively. Usually, the medium speed is the most common for longer working time.

  • Timer option

The timer regulates the working hours of the machine. You can program the required purifying term. It can save energy consumption and prolong the lifetime of the fan, motor, and filters.

  • Sleeping mode

If you are sensitive to the noise and bright light, this mode supports the quiet operation. The backlight can be switched off. It guarantees more comfortable sleeping with good air.

  • Air quality tester

It’s one more very important feature of the air purifying tool. This function automatically checks the air quality inside the room. Then it coordinates the speed and working regime according to the level of pollution in the home atmosphere.

  • The filter replacement indicator

HEPA and active carbon filters claim the substitute. After the definite time you need to replace them. The term of exploitation depends on air condition inside the house and operation time. In average it has to be done every 6-10 months.

  • Easy in operation

Everybody prefers to avoid an extra headache with the installation, operation, and maintenance of the equipment. You should understand how to set operation modes, working functions, etc. Examine the control panel which displays the main features. It has to be convenient to monitor the process and make needed adjustments in time.

  • Warranty term

Pay attention to the warranty condition and terms offered by the manufacturer. Reliable produce is always responsible for the goods’ quality. Hense try to find the air cleaners for smoking smell with long term of the warranty and regular technical support.

  • Price

There is no huge difference in price for reviewed models of smoke designed air purifiers. It depends on consumption, efficiency and applicable functions. Of course, some of purifies are more costly due to additional features. However, it’s better to pay a few extra dollars but get the device which is able to handle all your needs.

Therefore, define the most important points for you concerning the air cleaner for smoking. It helps to choose the optimal model that has all the features and characteristics you need. Good luck and good health!

How Does an Air Purifier For Smoke Work?

The basic operating principle of smoke air purifiers and other contaminants are multiple air circulation through special filtering systems. As usual, this equipment has two main parts. The fan sucks the indoor air and supplies it to the filter block.

Each one has its own function and degree of the air cleansing. As a result, the harmful particles and smell are separated. People can inhale cleaner air. The process of removing the smoke stink from the room can be divided into three stages.

The first one is the pre-cleaning phase. At this step, the preliminary filter catches the largest harmful particles from the airflow. Usually, thing foam, plastic netting or special fabrics are the materials for these mechanical pre-filters. It’s not necessary to change them very often. Time to time washing or vacuum cleaning is enough. High-quality primary strainers prolong the operation of the other fine filters.

The next stage is based on the adsorption method. So, the filters with activated carbon are the best tobacco odor removers. They also help to get rid of the other unpleasant household odors.

Charcoal or the other kinds of active carbon are the main fillers for these filters. Burned coconuts, wood, nutshells can be the source as well. The agent can be in powder or granular. The surface of this special absorber has got a huge amount of the smallest pores. This feature allows capturing the molecules of gas substances. There are more meshes in powdered ash. So this type is more effectual. After the process of activation, the carbon increases the ability to trap the toxic substances from cigarette smoke. The most dangerous are hydrogen cyanide and carbon tetrachloride. Note that high humidity can decrease the effect of adsorption.

The third stage is the final cleaning. The fine purification filters intensively strain the air. They eliminate not only the smallest particles after smoking but dust and other dangerous substances too. There are several types of these filters. The best ones for the smoke room are HEPA filters. It means they meet “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” standards. In some sources, it refers to high-energy particulate arresting.

It’s a new generation in air purifying technology. All True HEPA filters consist of multiple layers of chaotically arranged fibers. They have a diverse thickness, for example, 0.05-5 microns.

The HEPA filter can block up to 99.8% nano-particles 0,3 microns of smoke, dust, allergens, bacteria and fungal spores. Thus, the indoor air is considered 100% safe even for babies. The quality and competence of HEPA depends on the fibers’ material, density, and distance between them. The thinner are the fibers the closer they are to each other. It means the bigger area and better possibility to catch more bad particles. The operation is based on physical phenomena like inertia, interception, and diffusion. This filtration system is the most efficient for tobacco and burning odors removal.

Note: The reliable air purifier that removes smoke should have several filters. This is a guarantee of tobacco-free air for the house.

Accordingly, different technologies are used to get fresh and good air at home.

Some models are additionally featured by UV light. This method uses the ability of sunlight to kill the bacteria, viruses and disinfect the air. It’s also helpful to get rid of smoke and mold.

  • An ionizer is the other option to disarm pollutants. The ions with negative charges neutralize the positive cations of dust and smoke. The equipment is practically noiseless and featured by low energy consumption.
  • Ozone is especially good for fighting with nicotine smoke. It also manages the harmful airborne bacteria and beneficial for health. However, the level of ozone should not exceed certain standards to avoid the opposite effect.
  • Aqua filtering. In fact, it’s the most simple, but perfect way to improve the air inside apartments. Water plays the role of a hunter and gathers the contaminants, odors, and dust in the air. You just need to change the water per instruction and breathe clean and even humidified air. These are price friendly devices.

Knowing how the device is running it’s easier to compare and find the best brand and model of air purifier for cigarette smoke.

Benefits From Purchase an Air Purifier For Smoke

It’s not a secret that recently people spend indoor almost 90% of their time. Very often the quality of the air inside is much worth than outdoor. Toxic tobacco fume is the most common indoor air pollutant.

Cigarette smoke includes up to 4 thousand components. Namely, the most poisonous of them are the following:

  • acetone
  • arsenic
  • ammonia
  • nicotine
  • benzene
  • cadmium
  • toluene
  • methanol
  • carcinogenic tar
  • lead

All of them cause serious harm not only for the smokers themselves, but also for people who stay in the same room. Three smoked cigarettes increase the level of formaldehyde in the apartment air by about 12 percent. In addition the dust, germs, animal hair, plant pollen, and other allergens impair the air in the house.

What is the choice? Fresh, free from nicotine smell and other contaminates air zone is a reality. The smoke air purifier will provide healthy breathing. Modern air filtration systems are clearing almost 100% of the smoke from the house. It creates a comfortable background for smokers and non-smokers at the same place. Besides cigarette and cigars outcome, they are able to remove dust, dander, pollen, mold, and bacteria.

You will forget about kitchen smells, various toxins, gaseous pesticides, aerosols and chemical cleaning odors.

The family relieves or avoids nose, throat, and eyes irritation, headaches, sickness, asthma, and allergy caused by volatile organic compounds (VOC). These toxins often accompany a variety of paints, varnishes, cleaning products, disinfectants, adhesives, carpets, and building materials.

  • This smart air improver guarantees better sleeping
  • The absence of allergens and bad particles promise better skin
  • A big bonus is 100% safe indoor air for babies and kids
  • The stylish design of the offered devices is able to decorate the room’s interior

As a result, the clean from smoke, odors, dust and impurities home air assures better mood and healthy environment for the whole family.

No doubt, it’s value-added purchase.

Installation & Maintenance

To get the most efficient operation and prolong the lifetime of your air purifier it’s essential to study the manual. As usual, the manufacturer or the supplier describes in details all required use and care information concerning the equipment. Of course, the models are different however the main operational rules are similar.


Finally, you’ve got the desired machine for smoke removal from the home. Note, that the device cleans the air in the room where it is installed. Therefore, choose the exact apartment you want to eliminate cigarette odors. If you decide to change the unit’s location it will take some time to reset and adjust it in a new environment.

The next step is to find the right place for the device. Mostly it has to be the solid and flat place with perfect air circulation. It’s vital to exclude kids’ access to the tool. Keep in mind the size of the air purifier. The distance to the wall or furniture should be not less than 1 foot. It helps with good airflow. Avoid putting the device near the heating sources especially it’s dangerously close to open flame. The other detailed safety information you can find in manuals.

To know the equipment better remove the back panel and investigate the structure inside. Here is the filtration system. You will see the pre-filter, then active carbon absorber comes and next one is HEPA filter. It’s necessary to put away all plastic covers from the filters before using the air purifier. Then return the filters in required order. Ensure the black side of the carbon filter stands facing out. Properly close the filter’s cover otherwise the device will not start the operation.

Then make sure the plug, cords and socket are in good condition. Carefully inspect the control panel, display, indicators, buttons or sensors. Find out how to set all available features and modes. As usual, the buttons or knobs are marked describing or imaging their functions.

Plug in the device and tap the power button. Usually, the device starts working at the medium regime. Thus, perform all required settings. Adjust the necessary speed. You cannot change the pace when the device runs in auto mode. Set the timer to define the working hours. In a few seconds, the purifier will start to perform its duty. Enjoy excellent and healthy air without any cigarette smell.


Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of the device and became the source of hazardous contamination themselves. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean and change them on schedule. Time to time it’s better to clean the dust sensor as well.

The frequency of filters replacement is specified in the instructions or in the technical specifications. Some models have special sensors that signal about the need to replace or clean the filter. This time depends on the air quality inside the apartment and how often you use the device. Besides you can observe the signs of expiration like increased noise and weaker airflow.

There are the units with the filter self-cleaning mode. As a rule, it’s applicable for a preliminary filter only. We know that it’s either a plastic mesh or fabric bag. Accordingly it will be enough to wash or vacuum off it every two weeks to recover their efficiency.

HEPA and carbon filters require the replacement. It could be that dry cleaning of all three filters will help for a short time. Nevertheless, the replacement is obvious in any case. To perform the changing, firstly switch off and disconnect the purifier. Then open the housing and one by one remove the filters. If necessary, brush or vacuum the housing inside. Repack the new filters and place them in accordingly. Never use any liquids to clean carbon and HEPA filters. Always reset the device after changing the filters.

To maximize the efficiency and lifetime of air purifier, every manufacturer insists on using only their brand original replacement filters. It’s not an issue at all. You can always find new suitable duplicates on

Wrap Up

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to stop smoking. However, it’s quite possible to cope with its aftermath and protect your loved ones with the help of air purifier that kills cigarette smoke.

Before purchasing this tool for removing nicotine stink and other unpleasant odors from the house, it is important to study the characteristics of the device. Choose among our TOP 10 best air purifiers for smoke with the necessary function you need. Remember, that it must be a complex filtration system with the ability to eliminate the smoky smell totally. We did our best to discover the peculiarities of this must-have device. Let us hope that you’ll find your greatest model to create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere at home.

Day by day the technology is improving and developing. We definitely will keep you informed about the latest achievements in air purifying industry.

Best Air Purifiers For Cigar Smoke

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