Best Air Purifier For Cigarette Smoke

Are you a person who truly enjoys having a smoke but at the same time hates the odor left in the room afterwards? This must be the reason for your search of the best cigar smoke odor eliminator.

I bet you are dreaming about finding a cigar air purifier effective enough to remove the heavy cigar smoke from the air when you are in the process of smoking. And it would be even better if it could also prevent the unpleasant and clingy smoke odor from getting deep into the furniture and walls of your dwelling or workspace.

This is the moment when reading our free guide to the best cigar smoke air purifiers will be extremely beneficial for you.

In this guide, you will not simply find a list of devices considered to be truly the best among cigar smoke air purifiers. Here, you will also find important information and details about various types of air purifiers and the technologies necessary to remove the cigar smoke odors. All this knowledge will enable you to make a good and conscious choice.

The thing  you need to be aware of in your searches is that not all air purifiers are powerful and advanced enough to remove the cigar smoke and its odors, which are considered to be one of the toughest smells to eliminate, by the way. However, after you thoroughly look through the information we have carefully gathered for you in this guide, you will be confident about what device will turn out to be the most effective cigar smoke removal, which will finally make you forget about the effects of cigar smoke on your surroundings.
Our free guide will provide you with all the relevant information for your search in the following steps:

i35052 Why It Is Necessary for Any Cigar Smoker to Start Using an Air Purifier

i35052 What Device is Best for Getting Rid of the Cigar Smoke Odor

i35052 Best Cigar Smoke Air Purifiers Recommendations (Products and Reviews)


Why It Is Necessary for Any Cigar Smoker to Start Using an Air Purifier

Only a few years ago it seemed miracle imagining you could keep your house, office, or any other room totally odor-free despite continuously smoking there. The reason for this sad truth has always been obvious for both smokers and non-smokers: cigar smoke is extremely tough and seeps into furniture and even walls quite quickly, so that it becomes practically impossible to remove it afterwards.

There existed only one effective way to get rid of the nastiest cigar smoke and prevent it from spoiling the smell inside the house — simply not to smoke inside. This meant walking out of the room each time you wanted to have a cigarette. Being a smoker, you have most probably got used to doing so, but I bet this continues annoying you and making you wish there was another solution.

Nevertheless, the ceaseless technological progress has brought the air purification technologies to new heights. It has finally become possible to unite the two recently incongruous situations — smoking inside the room and keeping it absolutely odor-free at the same time!

On top of that, cigar smokers are now offered to enjoy the choice of air purifiers with various price tags to suit every pocket. Each model is capable of removing even the toughest and most unpleasant cigar odors while remaining affordable for different smokers.


What Device is Best for Getting Rid of the Cigar Smoke Odor

It is now not a big secret to you that cigar smoke is among those odors that turn out to be the biggest trouble once you try to eliminate them. To achieve the best possible results in this complicated task, you are advised to focus your attention on the devices that are positioned specifically as air purifiers that fight cigar smoke and its odors. The reason for this is this particular type of air purifiers are designed with the focus on cigar smoke removal as the main function.

The sad truth is that among numerous models of air purifiers you can come across, only a few can effectively get rid of cigar smoke odors. A big number of air purifiers, especially in the category of budget models, are based on such kind of air purification technology which does not allow removing the gassy contaminative particles of cigar smoke. Nevertheless, exactly those particles are responsible for the subsequent smell pollution of the dwelling.

What you need is a specifically designed device.

Removing cigar smoke odor from the air basically means getting rid of the following two substances:

prossmaller smoke particles that create the smoke you can see by building up in masses

prosbigger smoke particles that cause the unpleasant cigar odor

As we have already said, the majority of air purifiers you can find in the market are not capable of fighting these substances thus cannot get rid of the cigar smoke and its consequences. The technology that they are based on effectively eliminates dust particles and various allergens but still does not influence in any way the cigar smoke.

So, what steps should you take to find an air purifier that will efficiently deal with cigar smoke odors?

To make a good choice of a cigar smoke air purifier, you need to simply keep in mind the two essential characteristics the device should possess:

prosAuthentic HEPA filtering system capable of removing 99.97% of particles as small as  3 microns, which includes the cigar smoke particles

prosA specialized filter replete with activated carbon, which possesses the ability to absorb gassy smoke substances

In fact, the key to the effectiveness of a cigar smoke air purifier, which few consumers know about, lies in the specially designed built-in filter with activated carbon.

It is extremely important that the air purifier under your consideration combined both of the features mentioned above. There are quite a lot of models that do work on the HEPA technology, including those that we recommend here at our website. Nevertheless, the presence of this technology alone is not sufficient for effective cigar smoke removal from the air, so you need to look for a more effective solution.

If you want to get rid of the nasty cigar smoke smell, you need to make sure that your air purifier contains a specialized activated carbon filter of high density, which is designed specifically for absorbing the tough cigar smoke odors. For that matter, there is obviously no point in buying any other type of air purifiers as long as you do not want the problem to be left unsolved.

Understanding the way cigar smoke air purifiers function is so important for you because it is not a type of purchase you make every day. Now that you possess all the necessary knowledge about the technologies that really help remove the unpleasant cigar smoke odor, you can confidently proceed to the next section covering the best cigar smoke air purifiers available in the market. Each of the following models can boast of the powerful combination of the authentic HEPA filtering system and the sufficient amount of activated carbon. Together they finally make it possible for you to enjoy both smoking and living and working in a totally odor-free environment.

Best Cigar Smoke Air Purifiers Recommendations


#1 Best Cigar Smoke Air Purifier

Cigarette smoke Rabbit Air MinusA2 HEPA air purifier

According to the Cigar Aficionado Magazine, this model merits the first place among the best air purifiers for eliminating cigar smoke odors. When you become a happy user of the Rabbit Air MinusA2, you can forget about cigar smoke and its odors — this device will get rid of them once and forever. Moreover, it will not only bring the desired freshness of air in the rooms that only recently have been associated with cigar smoke, but also add a bit of style and elegance to your interior owing to its beautiful design. Its slim vertical outlines make the device perfect for mounting to a wall.

What makes Rabbit Air MinusA2 the best cigar smoke air purifier in the market:

Thumbs-Up Complex operation. Purifies and deodorizes air in six stages

Thumbs-Up Customization. Allows you to choose a filter option that better suits the demands of your dwelling or office

Thumbs-Up Large space coverage. Removes cigar smoke and its odors from spaces up to 700 sq. ft.

Thumbs-Up Quietness of operation. Guarantees the absence of any annoying noises you could have expected from a device of this kind

Thumbs-Up Durability. Uses filters of long-lasting performance, which require replacement only once in every 1—2 years

Thumbs-Up Flexibility of location. A clever design makes it possible to either put the device on a level surface or mount it on the wall

Thumbs-Up Slim profile. Has thickness of only 7 inches

Thumbs-Up Energy efficiency. Requires small amounts of energy to perform its functions


#2 Cigar Smoke Odor Eliminator

If you are looking for a model of smaller space coverage and/or lower price, take a look at the GT1500 . With a price tag of $349 and practically the same set of features, the device can effectively purify air in a 1,500 sq. ft. room

Cigarette smoke air purifier GT1500 Professional Grade

While other air purification devices include from one to two technologies for removing cigar smoke odors from the air, this outstanding cigar smoke odor eliminator can boast of the combination of four state-of-the-art air purification technologies. Together they will provide you with the odor-free environment you have always dreamt about.Professional grade advanced air purification system GT3000 for cigarette smoke

The GT3000 air purifier is powerful enough to not only remove all possible toxic particles from the air but also to get rid of the pollutants stuck deep in the carpet, furniture, and walls. Even the toughest cigar smoke odors are unable to resist this excellent air purifier.

With the GT3000 device, you can stand assured of high safety levels in terms of ozone and electrostatic filtration. It takes only 15 minutes for this cigar smoke air purifier to get rid of the observable smoke and smells. And after 24 hours of functioning, this machine will keep the room totally free of the most enduring cigar smoke contamination.

Important characteristics of this air purifier include:

Thumbs-Up Five different fan speeds of your choice

Thumbs-Up Adaptable purifier control that allows covering the maximum territory of 3,000 sq. ft.

Thumbs-Up Visual control via an LCD display

Thumbs-Up 4-in-1 filter of honeycomb type

Thumbs-Up Purification plate that can be additionally washed

Thumbs-Up Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) cell of advances type

Thumbs-Up Effective removal of cigar smoke and its odors from not only air but also carpets, walls, and furniture

Thumbs-Up Neutralization of various harmful substances: mold, allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, etc.

Thumbs-Up Time control allowing customization of operation time from 2 to 8 hours depending on your needs

#3 Cigar Smoke Air Purifier

One more powerful cigar smoke odors eliminator and air purifier that has demonstrated exceptionally good results.

Thumbs-Up Omnidirectional coverage. Includes a 360 ° intake system that sucks in air from all directions

Thumbs-Up Multi-level filtration. Purifies air on four stages

Thumbs-Up Speed control. Offers three different speeds to suit your specific needs

Thumbs-Up Unprecedented durability. Works on a filter with 5-year service life, which is unmatched in the field of air purifiers

Thumbs-Up Large amounts of filtering elements. Includes blocks of activated carbon and zeolite with a total weight of 15 lbs, which provide most effective air purification from cigar smoke odors and other air pollutants

Thumbs-Up Extensive space coverage. Can remove cigar smoke odors from a room of a maximum 700 sq. ft. area. (In case you need an air purifier of a larger space coverage, consider purchasing Austin Air HealthMate HM 400, which can purify air in a 1.500 sq. ft. room.)

We strongly believe that this guide has enriched your knowledge of cigar smoke air purifiers so that you could choose a device perfectly answering all your demands. No matter what model you opt for, we are confident you will experience all the advantages of breathing 100% cigar smoke odor free air without having to change your habits.

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