Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air Purification System

The Blueair 403 air purifier is designed to create a healthier climate in your home with crystal clean air while producing almost no noise. This model can cleanse air in premises of about 365 sq. ft. HEPASilent and electrostatic technology can effectively to capture almost 99.97% of of in-house dust of all types and particles up to 0.1 microns in diameter.


What Makes Blueair 403 a Top Solution For Home Use

Over years Blueair brand has earned the status of a top-selling premium product. Being a company with strong European traditions Blueair provides customers with reliable solutions and extensive support. Constant prudent technological innovations of the premium brand allow its clients to stay with the company all these years of service.

Blueair 403 boasts recognizable modern design, reliable construction and perfect noise-operation balance. The manufacturer’s warranty lasts for a year and covers filters as well as hardware components.

Regular new constructive implementations promote the high quality of filters, fans, motors in every product of the brand. The company’s classic style has refreshed a bit with couple of new models. The flexible policy allows to produce the air purifiers that are regarded to be the TOP grade items in the market.

Blueair 403 air purifier review


How it works

403 Blueair pulls in the air at one side of its casing, cleans it by flowing it through the special filter, and then the fresh air is released through the other side. While it doesn’t seem to be something special or extraordinary, the refined performances make it stand out.


Blue Air 403 Spacial Features


As of Swedish origin Blue air 403 can boast a solid shape, which naturally fits into the space you allocate it. Another big advantage is galvanized steel construction, so that people who are sensitive to off-gas will not be subject to any harm. The inner surfaces are produced from synthetic materials which prevents growth of various bacteria types.

Low noise level

Blueair 403 is a hepasilent air purifier. Even when it works at full capacity, you will hear a very delicate noise only. Though a lot of customers reported they seldom use the highest speed as they find medium mode is enough for their space. If we put information into some concrete numbers, we will see the following: 32 dB goes for low mode while 58 db – for its maximum mode.

Filtering potential

Due to the unique patented HEPAsilent technology, Blue air 403 minimizes the harmful air content to almost 0%.

The deep filtering process consists of five stages.

First three stages make up the initial process, during which the contaminated air is imbued a negative charge. All the negatively charged particles are caught then by a polypropylene filter.

There are two additional stages of filtering we found in the 403 model. To make sure all the impurities are removed, Blueair added filter for particles to cope with bigger particles of home dust (like mold, pollen, etc) and SmokeStop Filter (activated carbon filter) to fight smoke and odors.


403 model was tested and certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) for room size of 370 square feet. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is found to be as following:

  • 240 dust;
  • 240 smoke;
  • 240 pollen.

Air Change Rate (ACH) in this case is 5 cycles per hour.

This ensures that you get a top-of-the-line air purifier which is dedicated to producing the cleanest air possible.


HepaSilient (HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Air)

Blueair invented a hybrid filter structure with both electrostatics and charged media filters to get HEPA-like effect with less use of energy and high carrying capacity.

3-stage filter thanks to the process of catching negatively charged peculiars make unbelievable work of cleaning the air with 99.97% effect on 0.1 micron particles. Three successive texture fiber layers serve to keep the particles inside.


Please keep in mind that a “2-stage filter” term has no relation to 403 model.


Blue air 403s are never supplied with any process chemicals due to the innovative materials used in construction. Polypropylene deals with 100% of any bacteria growth.

HEPA Silent technology of blue 403 comforts its customers with carefree filters usage since there is no need to clean them at all. Normally it takes 6 months before replacement need arises. The little clock will let you know when the due date arrives. 403 is recommended to operate 24 hours every day. So, every 6 months filter replacement will cost you about $60.

But if you don’t smoke or have no pets at home – the filter may serve up to 1 year.


Vacuuming filters and ionizing brushes is advised, but only during the filter replacement.


SmokeStop Filter

For those who are concerned about struggling with smoke and odor at their homes, Blueair suggests using SmokeStop filter.

This filter has already won a reputation of a strong and reliable odor and smoke fighter. It is filled with 3 pounds of coconut husk processed in a special way that deals effectively even with tough chemicals.

You can utilize the same filters for the whole 400 series. Blueair brand filters are the best and we don’t recommend using cheaper analogs. Blueair 403 SmokeStop Air Purifier’s price is normally about $500.

No Prefilter

Normally Blueair 3-stage filters don’t include a prefilter function. The inner space may get dusty and cleaning it on a regular basis is strongly recommended.


Utilization Guide

It is a good idea to choose a special place for your mighty 403 personal air cleaner to stand still as its dimensions are: 23″ x 20″ x 11″ inches and weigh of 33 pounds with no wheel support.

Some reviewers report that the cord would be more comfortable to use if it was a bit longer than 5 feet.

Energy Star qualifications: 4.45 Dust CADR per Watt, 403 proceeds 30 to 80 watts of power through the speeds.

Being a 250 CADR-class air purifying device, Blue air 403 works more silently than even bigger and more powerful Blueair models. Obviously the maximum power mode is too loud if you close, but you can be sure that the gentle sound of 1-3 speed mode will not bother you at all.

Blueair classic 403 demonstrates beneficial capacity: while running on the third speed it purifies 240 cubic feet/minute. In comparison to other electrostatics, it produces almost no ozone.


Main characteristics:

  • Best for premises of 365 sq. meters (medium size);
  • You can locate it in any place, even against a wall while there’s no interference with the airflow;
  • The filter can be accessed from the front side of the unit;
  • 4 fan speed modes;
  • Timer to start and shutdown the unit starting;
  • Possible repeated use of filters;
  • Energy Star recognition.



  • Extremely good to deal with dust, smoke/odor, and dander. A great solution when fast air cleaning is needed;
  • Operates smoothly and with almost no noise at its lowest speed;
  • Supplied with a filter indicator to let you know the time to replace/clean the main filter;
  • No significant ozone volume is produced;
  • Energy Star Rated;
  • Carrying handle is installed by default;
  • HepaSilent filters.


  • At low speed mode it may not cope properly with intense contamination;
  • No prefilter provided.



– Can I get heat from Blueair 403 when it works?

No, this device is designed the way to produce no heat during operation.

– Can I use Blueair 403 in my bathroom?

Absolutely not! Please, never put it in the bathroom as you might get electrocuted when water contacts the unit.

– Are UV-lights a part of operation technology in Blueair 403?

The technology is not connected to any UV-light and does not use any similar technology.



In this part of review we take a look at the issues and solutions you may experience.

– My Blueair 403 did not come to operation

  • Check if the unit is plugged in.

– Blueair 403 vibrates meantime work

  • Put the device onto a solid surface.

– I can smell an odor from my brand new Blueair 403

  • As some hidden elements are made of plastic and corrugated cardboard, the odor can stay only for several days, and then it wears off;
  • Contact customer service if you still smell the odor after several weeks.

– Odor comes from Blueair 403 when it runs

  • Check if the plastic bag off the filter;
  • Clean air vent and pre-filter (if applicable);
  • Make sure the filter doesn’t need to be changed.

– Dropping of airflow delivery or purification rate

  • Clean the device air vent from inside;
  • Vacuum HEPA filter (if applicable).


Final Words

Blueair 403 performs the best when it comes to cleaning effect and absence of noise. This model is perfect for medium sized rooms. With impressive CADR and Energy consumption rates it is not surprisely that it has won numerous awards for the brand.

Some people find it a bit expensive, but the cost effectiveness is amazing. We definitely recommend 403 model for use at home.

Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air Purification System
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BlueAir 403 Air Purifier

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