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Without doubt, every sane person should consider his health to be a cornerstone of his life. Therefore, a clean air is important for our well-being. Luckily enough, mankind can enjoy many benefits of civilization nowadays. Modern air purifiers provide safe air for our homes and other premises. But some models of these devices can be rather unhandy due to cartridges requiring regular replacement. Fortunately, the manufacturers offer a unique solution solving the problem. A new no-filter technology will make your home atmosphere crystal clear, healthy. Moreover device maintenance will be easy and free.

Keep an eye on those models which are capable to eliminate 99% or airborne particles.

Filterless Air Purifiers: Operation Principle

Modern systems of no filter air purification can surprise every buyer with their work. As the name implies, such purifiers do not have a filter. The secret of the device effectiveness lies in the presence of physics, which provides electrostatic charging on the back side of a purifier. Due to the collector’s metal surface the particles of dust and other contaminants are attracted like a magnet. Thus, such a device doesn’t require any mechanical filters and is unique among suction principle systems.

Such type of air purification system is also called ozone, ionic or electrostatic. Unfortunately, these devices can have some drawbacks. Some filterless air purifiers can be less effective than those with cartridges. In addition, the metal plate cleaning is sometimes more complicated than a filter replacement.

But the most important argument against these devices is ozone – a gas releasing while the purifier is working. Luckily, if you choose a reliable trade mark such as Airocide, AirFree, Envion, Light Air or RX Air Plus, your health will be completely out of danger. Furthermore their air purifiers are very effective, noiseless, compact, safe and have affordable price.

No Filter Air Purification System Types

Filtered air purifiers are not very convenient: they are bulky, noisy and require careful monitoring and replacement of expensive cartridges. Fortunately innovation technologies grow extremely fast.

Air purifiers without filter is a great alternative for your home. There are three kinds of no filter technology: electrostatic, UV and ozone.

Electrostatic air purification systems

Such appliances are highly effective and remove contaminations due to an electrostatic charge. The dust is accumulated on charged metal plates containing wires.

Ultraviolet purifiers

This type of air cleaner apply UV light to kill bacteria and mold. Ultraviolet models are the most energy efficient devices in comparison to other purifiers.

Ozone-based models

This unit removes impurities due to ozone or some oxidizers. Such system also destroys 99,9% of pathogens. Ozone purifiers are safe, handy and power efficient.

The Difference Between Filter and Filterless Air Purification Systems

The market of air cleaning equipment presents a variety of air purification systems. The majority of them are filtered.

Technology with filter provides air suction by the fan. The inside filter removes dust particles and then clean air leaves the device. Naturally, such system requires regular filter replacement. Most manufacturers recommend changing cartridges every six months.

A filterless system uses the technologies which are discussed above. You should pay attention to the most popular brands and watch through filterless air purification reviews on the special customer forums like

Best Filterless Air Purifiers of 2018 – Editor’s Choice

Airocide – NASA air purifier with no filter

This air purifier is an apogee of 12 yearsof NASA research work. This fact makes Airocide a certain leader among the other filterless air purification systems.

  • Removes household odours;
  • Developed by NASA and approved by FDA;
  • Filterless, no units to wipe off;
  • No ozone emission;
  • Operates at 120 V, 60 Hz;
  • Can be used in North America ONLY.

Filter free Lightair Surface IonFlow 50 air purifier

Can be rightly called the most stylish air cleaner. In addition to its outstanding technical characteristics, this device has an extraordinary attractive look. Its slim silhouette will not only make your air clean, but will also decorate any space.

  • Eliminates impurities and allergens in premises up to 540 square feet;
  • Contains a reusable collector which should be washed in water;
  • Completely noiseless;
  • Power efficient technology.

Air purifier Envion Ionic Pro Turbo without filter

This model had proven its efficiency by destroying not only ordinary contaminations, but also staph, strep and other pathogenic flora. It purifies and invigorates the air in less than an hour.

  • Totally noiseless, eliminates viruses and odours;
  • Removes 99,9% of airborne impurities including viruses;
  • Front loading filter, easy to wash;
  • Power efficient;
  • Elegant tower design.

Filterless Five Star FS8088 Ionic with UV light air purifier

The efficiency of this purifier is reached due to ionic technology and ultraviolet light. The model rod-sphere collector which removes even dust particles about 0,01 micron size. There are two fan speeds to reduce airborne pollutants in the air.

  • Has 2 fan speeds;
  • Combines UV and Ionic technologies;
  • Blue night light;
  • Has electrostatic collector rod.

Virus Zero SP-PA4 filter free air purifier

This unique portable device can travel with you wherever you go. It can nest near you in your auto or on your desk at work. It’s an excellent choice for people spending much time upon the road.

  • 4 watts;
  • 231 sq. ft. coverage;
  • White color.

Reasons to Make a Purchase

Every customer faces a great diversity of air purification systems. Filterless or filtered – you might be wondering at this issue. The recommendations below will help you make the right choice.

No additional investments

If you go for a filtered air purifier additional costs will apply. For example, a filter replacement should be held twice a year, as most manufacturers recommend. While filterless models do not require any additional investments. If you wish to save your budget, choose no filter technology.

No additional investments

Filterless purifiers for air are definitely more effective at destroying pathogens due to negative ions release. Their filtered counterparts remove dust, but are not so effective at killing viruses like flu, strep or staph.

No additional investments

The main factor when choosing filterless air purifier is its efficiency. Other technologies can boast this capability too, but only ionic devices make this solution ideal. The matter is that ion molecules attach even to the smallest particles making them bigger so even the microscopic impurities are caught and removed from the air.

The benefits of filterless purification technology are obvious:

  • Lower price in comparison to filtered purifiers;
  • Efficient technological innovation for attracting contamination;
  • No hassle of regular changing filters.

Quality Characteristics

In this review we have also found out all necessary characteristics of the device in order to help you to make a right choice.

Coverage area

This tech characteristic should be a bit greater than the space where you are going to use the purifier. For example, if your room is 100 square feet, you should consult an Instruction Manual of the chosen air purifier to be sure it is able to cover at least 105-110 square feet. In this case your air will be definitely clean.

Level of removed airborne particles

Keep an eye on those models which are capable to eliminate 99% or airborne particles.

Energy consumption

This aspect is sufficient if you don’t want to spend much money on your energy bills. Remember, Energy Star certificates are given to the most power efficient models only. So, look for it while choosing your air cleaner.

Noise level

Wherever you are going to place the device – nursery, bedroom, kitchen or other rooms, you must make sure that a purifier you invest is silent. Otherwise, the noise will bother you when you sleep or work.

Extra features

It is not so necessary as other aspects, but some customers prefer units with backlights, or LCD screens, or casters to move the device from one room to another with no effort.


Make sure the manufacturer covers a purification system for a generous amount of time (at least 1 year). If something happens to your unit, you will not spend money for repairs.

Best Filterless Air Purifiers

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