Best Holmes Air Purifiers

If you wish to protect the air you breath at home and office the only way is to purchase holmes air purifier. Holmes brand offers a wide range of air purification systems that will fit all your needs 100%.


Holmes is The Brand You Can Trust

Holmes air purification systems can work everywhere. However it is necessary to know the difference between devices to choose the most suitable model. Holmes offers a great choice of purifiers for any budget and coverage area. So, read the review to learn more about holmes air cleaners.

For Small Premises: Office or Bedroom

Holmes HAP-242 NUC

Holmes HAP-242 NUC air purifier

This is a compact device for rooms up to 109 sq. ft. It can be used horizontally or vertically to fit your space. Carbon filter removes impurities including particles of about 2 microns size. It will also protect your air from allergens, smoke and unpleasant odor. The unit is also equipped with an optional ionizer, filter change indicator and has 3 speed settings.


  • An inexpensive model;
  • Quiet even on the highest speed;
  • Has filter change indicator;
  • Compact design, dual positioning;
  • The durability of filter life depends on the filter you buy;
  • Effective for small rooms;
  • 3-year warranty from a manufacturer.


  • Removes particles no smaller than 2 micrones;
  • Not so good for smoke as other models;
  • Some customers report a slight chemical smell from the device.

Holmes Aer1 Tower HAP9423-UA

Holmes Aer1 Tower HAP9423-UA air purifier

This model has an elegant tower design and eliminates 30% more dust and allergens due to a leading ionization technology. Binds contamination and kills harmful bacteria. A good choice for your workplace or bedroom.

  • Equipped with filter change reminder;
  • Optional ionizer makes airborne particles bigger to remove them more effectively;
  • Has 3 speed settings;
  • Manual control.


Holmes HAP412N-U

Holmes HAP412N-U air purifier

This unit is built in tower design and is recommended for premises up to 120 square feet. It is equipped with a high efficiency system of filtration, 3 speed levels and ionizer. Moreover, this device comes with a special washable preliminary filter which captures big particles to make the collector life longer. HEPA filtering offers triple layer protection due to auxiliary substances (soda, zeolite, carbon). Such system of filtration eliminates up to 99.97% of airborne contaminations.

  • Removes almost 100% of dust and harmful bacteria;
  • Eliminates odors;
  • Comes equipped with ionizer;
  • 3 power levels;
  • Pre-filter to save your money.

For Medium Sized Premises

Look through the information below to choose the best Holmes air purifier for medium rooms.

Holmes HEPA Tower HAP424-U

Holmes HEPA Tower HAP424-U air purifier

This purifier resembles a tower in its design and thus saves much place. An effective HEPA filter removes all known contaminants including pet dander. Baking soda layer absorbs unpleasant odours and makes your air crisp and fresh. The device is designed for rooms of about 12×15 feet (180 sq. ft.). Its optional ionizer destroys viruses and harmful bacteria. An indicator light will let you know when HEPA filter is out of order.

  • 3 power settings;
  • Washable preliminary filter;
  • Effective ionizer;
  • Filter-life indicator;
  • Improved filter enhanced by baking soda;
  • Electrical Standards of North America ONLY.

Holmes True HEPA Tower HAP716-U

Holmes True HEPA Tower HAP716-U air purifier

This model is rightly called allergen remover for its capability to eliminate different allergic substances: smoke, plant pollen, pet dander etc. The air purifier has an ergonomic tower design, 3 power levels and an ionizer. The air cleaner is equipped with a low-vibration engine which works silently and effectively. Negative ions make the air clean like after a heavy spring thunderstorm.

  • Designed for premises up to 150 sq. ft.;
  • HEPA filter eliminates almost 100% of allergens;
  • Removes odors, smoke and mildew;
  • Equipped with preliminary filter, ionizer, and filter-change monitor.


For Large Premises

Holmes is a fast growing company which constantly develops new technologies and manufactures effective equipment for your health. It produces not only home variants of purifiers, but also powerful purification systems for large premises.


Holmes HAP8650B-U True HEPA

Holmes HAP8650B-U True HEPA air purifier


This powerful device is designed for rooms up to 349 sq. ft. Multi-layered HEPA technology filters 99.97% of odours, allergens, household dust, tobacco smoke and mold. A combination of a washable preliminary filter and effective HEPA system makes the environment pure and fresh. It is clinically proven that such devices reduce the risks of asthma and allergic reactions many times.

  • Equipped with true HEPA filtration;
  • Removes all known allergens and mold;
  • Four speed levels;
  • LED filter-life indicator;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Covers up to 349 sq. ft;
  • 5 year warranty.

Holmes True HEPA HAP756

Holmes HAP756 True HEPA air purifier

This model for large rooms is considered to be one of the most popular for spacious offices and other premises of considerable size. This device covers up to 340 sq. ft. and eliminates airborne contaminants. Hanging filters can be replaced easily and quickly. It can be placed both in horizontal and vertical position depending on your needs. The model is equipped with a timer which can program purifier operation for up to 16 hours.

  • Effective HEPA filtration;
  • Filters enhanced with soda remove all household odours;
  • Filter-life monitor;
  • Designedforlargerooms (upto 340 sq. ft.).


Holmes HAP9422-NUA Aer1 HEPA-Type Tower

Holmes HAP9422-NUA Aer1 HEPA-Type Tower air purifier

This purifier is not so powerful as those mentioned above. However, the other characteristics are not worse. The unique technology using soda, carbon and zeolite makes the environment free from household odors and tobacco smoke. It is a real salvation for people suffering from asthma and allergic reactions. This unit can be purchased with odour, smoke and allergen collectors.

  • Filter life indication;
  • 3 power settings;
  • Extra odour fighting power (pets, cooking fumes, etc.);
  • Absorbs pollutants associated with cleaning products;
  • Triple layer collector to remove smoke and odour.


How to Choose The Best Holmes Air Putifier: Ultimate Buying Guide

The first thing you should do is to determine your basic needs and budget. It is necessary to measure the space of the premises you are looking the system for. Then choose a purifier matching the room’s size. Remember, if you choose a device for a smaller room, your expectations will not be met, the air will not be so pure as it should be.

In addition select a model according to your room layout and design. Horizontal device can be put on a desk or shelf and a tower unit has a smaller footprint. If your purifier operates under the table or in the corner, it will not provide the quality you are seeking for.

Best Holmes Air Purifiers
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