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Honeywell HHT-011 Air Purifier

Honeywell HHT-011 is a compact air purifier designed for small rooms. It is well fit for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices up to 85 sq. ft. The device captures 99% of airborne impurities due to effective reusable collectors and an ionizer.
Honeywell hht 011 is compact and ergonomic air cleaner with a permanent HEPA filter. Its dimensions are 6,5 x 11 x 14’’ and it can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The device weighs 3 lbs and can be easily relocated. The gadget is power efficient; it consumes only 24 watts per hour on low settings. The illuminated control panel on the top of the unit is equipped with a fan speed switch and ionizer power buttons. The electronic reminder will let you know when it’s time to clean the collectors.

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How Does Honeywell HHT 011 Work

The filtration system includes four stages: preliminary collector, carbon filter, HEPA type filter and an ionizer.
The first component that contacts with airborne impurities is the washable preliminary collector. It captures biggest fractions of hair, dust and pollen.
The next stage is the carbon filter which eliminates unpleasant odors and smoke.
The third stage is a permanent HEPA type filter. It is no less effective than an original HEPA and has its specific advantages. This filtration unit can be vacuumed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you will never have to change it. The permanent filter requires replacement once a year or two, according to the circumstances in which it is exploited.
And the last stage involves ionizing the air. This function cleanses the air of contagious viruses and enlarges the microscopic particles so that the filter can capture them. It can be switched on and off at the user’s discretion.


Clean Air Delivery Rate shows how swift the air purifier is. The CADR numbers indicate the number of cubic feet of air filtered by a device per minute. The HHT-011 Honeywell rating for smoke and dust is 55, for allergens – 65 CADR. Therefore, a unit cleans the room of 680 c.f. (85 sq. ft.*8 ft. height) in 11-12 minutes. This time is required to let the air pass through the purification system.

Key Features

The unit produces nearly no noise at the lowest speed settings. The customers report that the medium settings resemble the white noise, so it’s quite tolerable if you are not too sensitive. It works louder when adjusted to high, but it removes the dust or smells very quickly and efficiently.

High-efficiency air filtration
The relatively small Honeywell HHT-011 air purifier can guarantee the purity and freshness of the air in small residential premises and offices.

Safe permanent HEPA system
HEPA-type filtration system eliminates dust, allergens and other particles invisible to the eye, which may harm residents’ health and well-being.

Reusable filters
The Honeywell model is a great pick for people willing to save their money. When properly used, the filters will serve for a few years.

Nightlight setting
The manufacturer equipped this unit with a soft nightlight, so you don’t need to use a separate gadget.


In general, Honeywell products are reliable and easy to maintain. The manufacturer recommends vacuuming the collectors at least twice a year. Remember, that the main filter shouldn’t be washed. The preliminary filter, on the other hand, requires cleaning. It is necessary to wipe the external surfaces of the device with a dry piece of cloth. And if the unit is not used for more than a month, it is recommended to remove the main filter and wrap it in a plastic bag.

User Experience

The majority of the Honeywell HHT-011 reviews are favorable. The negative ones are usually connected with ionization function which is optional. The Honeywell ionizer releases minimum ion molecules thus you shouldn’t experience any discomfort.
We have used this model for a week, 24/7, and all the changes we noticed were positive. The air became really fresh. The animal odor disappeared. And what’s also important, there wasn’t that much dust as in other rooms. The HHT-011 does its job perfectly and the expenses are fully compensated.
50$ is an incredible price for such a device offering a clean and healthy environment in your room. Annual filter change is also inexpensive – 11-22$ for a package of two filters (Carbon and HEPA-type).

• Ease of use and compact size
• Reusable filters
• Operating efficiency
• Ionizer option
• Nightlight setting

• Designed for small premises only
• Can be noisy on high fan settings


In spite of its small size the Honeywell HHT-011 air cleaner will bring fresh air to your home. This is an efficient air purification solution for areas under 100 sq. ft. Meantime the permanent filters will save your money you could not find any alternative for this great 4-stage filtration system. Click the link below to check the lowest price on Amazon.

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