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Hamilton Beach Trueair 04532GM

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04532gm combines compact size and efficient performance. This air purifier is equipped with three carbon filters that work together removing dust, airborne particles and unwanted odors. You can also take advantage of the optional scent cartridge which is included in the package to add a green meadow fragrance to the air.

The Hamilton Beach 04532GM works best in small rooms up 10×10 sq. ft. You can choose between two fan speed settings to pick the optimal mode. The “low” option is silent and good for night usage when it’s important to keep disturbing noise to a minimum. The “high” speed will fully clear the air in 15 minutes but “white noise” may disturb. Do not worry, it is not louder than the sound a usual fan will produce under normal conditions.

The energy consumption of the Hamilton Beach 04532GM is incredibly low, it is less than 15W. What is special, the unit provides a consistent result for 3 months with no need to replace filters or other maintenance.

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Strong Features of Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04532GM

  • Three carbon filters that neutralize the household odors
  • Optional Green Meadow cartridge
  • Quickly removes odors from kitchens, bathrooms, pet areas and smoking rooms
  • Covers area up to 100 sq. ft.;
  • Energy efficient

The Hamilton Beach 04532GM model is a portable air cleaner that makes home atmosphere healthy and fresh for an affordable price. It is nice choice for household owners who wish to protect their home interior from air pollution for a long time.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

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