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Winix WAC9500 Air Purifier Review

The Winix wac9500 combines excellent air filtration and odor control. This air purifier is perfect for people suffering from allergies and asthma. The unit is ideal for premises up to 283 sq. ft. The Winix brand is widely used in South Korea and becomes popular in the United States.

The Winix 9500 has a user-friendly control panel with a display that shows the level of air pollution and harmful odors in the room.

There are 4 fan settings which require from 8 to 70 Watts. The device can work round-the-clock without making you worry about energy bills.

The Winix air purifier 9500 is quiet when working on the 1-st, 2-nd, and 3-rd power mode. The highest speed is usually used when you need fast air cleansing.

The Winix 9500 WAC boasts stylish design. The size of its casing is 16.5 x 8.9 x 21.9 inches. It is rather thin and lightweight (18,5 lbs.) and does not take much place.

Winix WAC9500 Air Purifier with PlasmaWave Technology
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Winix WAC 9500 Operation

The Winix wac9500 ultimate pet true hepa air cleaner thoroughly purifies the air with its modern five-stage system.

  • Antibacterial preliminary collector – the air is drawn through a washable preliminary collector which catches large dirt fractions
  • HEPA Filter – is the cornerstone of the filtration process. It eliminates almost 99.97% of harmful airborne particles
  • Nano-silver mesh collector – this antimicrobial filter consists of small silver particles that provide a perfect germ protection
  • Carbon filter – this filter type is well-known for its ability to eliminate household smells and chemical vapors. It is made of activated carbon which can be washed easily

PlazmaWave Technology – the system generates thousands of ions which merge with water vapor forming Hydroxyls. These molecules attack germs and odors neutralizing them upon coming in contact with them


The Winix WAC9500 air cleaner successfully removes all known allergens as well as household smells. This air sterilizer has a special “auto mode” which detects the level of impurities and smells in the room, determines the necessary fan speed and cleans the environment. What is more the unit monitors the air quality switching between fan speeds modes if required.

The customers on Amazon report their asthma and allergic attacks stopped or decreased significantly when they started using Winix 9500WAC. Pet owners also point out the absence of unpleasant odors at home and recognized it as an ultimate pet air cleaner 2019.


The CADR rating of Winix 9500 air purifier is really impressive: 182-194 for dust, pollen and smoke. It cleans a medium-sized room in 10-12 minutes. Many owners report that the unit is effectively used in premises up to 300 sq. ft. The smaller areas are purified even quicker. One should keep in mind is that if the room is large or very dirty the air cleaner may operate at high fan speed if switched on “auto mode”.

The device is certified by AHAM (the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) and Energy Star qualified that proves its high-efficiency level.

Special Features

  • PlazmaWave technology prevents the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Smart Sensors of WAC9500 successfully detect impurities, odors and light-adjusting the fan speed to the required mode
  • The model has user-friendly controls. One can use remote control right from the bed;\
  • True HEPA filtration system combined with Nano-silver collector makes the air really safe and fresh
  • Activated carbon collector eliminates pet odors and smoke
  • A preliminary filter extends the lifespan of the HEPA system catching pet hair and lint
  • Auto-dim display has smart sensors, which detect the ambient lighting and adjust the screen accordingly. So, neither noise nor light will disturb your sleep at night


Despite the rather complex filtration system of Winix 9500, the unit is very easy to clean and maintain. The outside surfaces should be wiped with a dry soft cloth on a regular basis. Chemical detergents are not advisable. The wall behind the air cleaner, as well as floor around, should be cleaned periodically. The carbon and nano-silver filters should be vacuumed and/or washed in warm water with mild detergent.

Operating Costs

The HEPA filter might seem to be a bit expensive. However, it should be replaced once a year when the indicator begins dimming. By the way, Amazon often gives discounts up to 25% off for HEPA filters. Other Winix collectors are washable and reusable. The overall cost of clean air amounts to a few cents a day. The Winix Company provides a one year warranty for WAC9500.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • 5-stage cleaning system, including PlazmaWave Tech
  • Smart sensors
  • Automated operation
  • Remote control
  • User friendly


  • No handles or wheels to move around

Final Words

The Winix WAC9500 is an ergonomic device which boasts excellent performance, power efficiency and built-in smart sensors. This is a nice choice for household owners who suffer from allergies and asthma and must take care of air quality every day.

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