Air quality is a matter for concern for every household owner, and pets may add up to it dramatically. Below you will find a list of widespread problems that you may encounter if there is a domestic animal living with you:

  • Someone in the household suffers from allergic reactions to canines or felines, and thus is having certain difficulties caused by pet dandruff;
  • The hair of your favorite pet are scattered all over the interior, and you are just sick of having to pick it up;
  • The pets don’t smell nice, and you would rather remove the stinky odor than put up with it.

If anything of this seems familiar, you have certainly come to the right place to find the best air purifier for pets.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Pet Allergies?

Now, you may be wondering, if the air purifiers actually solve the problem. Over the last few years there has been quite a lot of criticism on the web and in conventional media as to the efficiency of these devices. Even well known brands came under attack, but for now it looks like the manufacturers have successfully repelled the negative trend.

The thing to keep in mind is that the air purifier is one of the tools that are used by residents to reduce the presence of allergens, and HEPA has proven its efficiency over the years. It may not be enough to deal with the issue entirely in certain cases. Yet, it certainly won’t do any harm, and a certified device will actually improve the situation.

What is Difference Between Air Purifier for Pet Allergies and Regular?

First things first, the air filter should ensure that the harmful components are actually captured and not released into the environment again. This is where the HEPA filters truly shine with their remarkable trapping capabilities. It’s the first step you should take if you own a domestic animal, but there is more than one mechanism that ensures a safe environment.

Another thing to keep in mind is that pets may bring new bacteria into the environment. The harmful particles are extremely diverse in the streets, and the pets may catch some of them while playing outside. The device you are using should be able to neutralize the potential harm that the bacteria may cause. One of the most popular solutions are the UV-C sanitizers. What is it?

Basically a UV-C is a source of ultraviolet light that makes the micro-organisms harmless. It has been proven over the last decade that it may efficiently mitigate the risks caused by germs. Of course this is not a solution to every problem out there, but the UV device will significantly reduce the chances of disease.

Best Air Purifiers for Pet Allergies Models Reviewed

GermGuardian AC4100 HEPA Air Purifier For Pet Allergies

If a resident of your household is experiencing difficulties with allergic reactions or hair contaminating the interior, the Germ Guardian will help you out. The high quality filters produced by this brand removes about 99% of the causative agents from the air. This include dandruff, bacteria spores and pollen as well as other components you don’t want to be present in the air. The charcoal filtering cassette has proven to be an effective countermeasure against unpleasant smells. The use of ultraviolet lights ensures the air in the room remains clean, and 3 speed modes allow for precise setting control.Thanks to its compact sizing, this device can be placed in any place you consider appropriate. The purifier makes a significant difference in air quality in a few hours. It can work for an extended period of time without supervision. The households with feline presence report that the smell coming from the box is removed almost entirely. The machine may produce significant volume of noise, but it provides great value in return.

The advantages of this item include the following:

  • The unit produces noise volumes that are a bit above average for this class of products;
  • Can be installed in small notches and works for various room types;
  • Ultraviolet light sterilizes the air;
  • Rather affordable;
  • Removes light smells entirely;
  • Compact sizing makes the device easy to transport.

There are a few cons that you should also be aware of:

  • Effectively cleans the air indoors of the unwanted components;
  • May be not efficient enough for bigger rooms or heavy smells;
  • Maintenance may be expensive.

We consider the AC4100 to be a viable option and a great pick for the price. If you need a solution for a small to average room, go for it! You won’t regret the choice.

GermGuardian AC4300 Pet Air Cleaning System

This item boasts futuristic design and a trademarked Pure antibacterial agent. It essentially prevents the growth of mold and subsequent genesis of bad smells. The combination of HEPA and charcoal filters as well as ultraviolet light emitters ensures a safe and healthy environment in your household. Breathe with ease! The purifier boasts exquisite design, compact design and low noise levels. It won’t stress out the animals in its active mode, and the dandruff will be gone in no time. Cleaning the filter on time helps prolong its lifespan and save you the pain of replacing it often. People who keep cats as pets report that placing the GermGuardian near the litter box will resolve the problem with unpleasant odors. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this product: Sleek design; High quality of build and long term of service; The antimicrobial effect works well for households with pets; Ultraviolet light neutralizes the contagious components floating in the air; A perfect fit for small and medium size rooms; Low energy consumption allows to keep the purifier running throughout the day; Relatively low noise production; Removes fur efficiently; Long lasting filter (if you keep it clean);

As for the cons, here are the things that you need to know:

  • It is allegedly better with feline scents and fur than with canine smell and hair;
  • The price is slightly above average for this product.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Pet Allergy HEPA Air Purifier

The Rabbit air purifier boasts a high end BioGS HEPA filter with 6 stages of cleaning. With a total coverage of 700 square feet this device is enough for a few big rooms. Thanks to sleek, compact design it seamlessly blends in with any existing design. The unit can be used with a variety of replaceable filters which give you an opportunity to adjust performance to fit your needs. The Rabbit Air can deal with germs, smells, allergic agents and toxic particles. Another advantage is the ease of maintenance – the filter and pre-filter are easy to remove and to clean. You will enjoy the quiet work that ensures you have a healthy sleep.

The auto mode allows you to keep the device running over an extended period of time without having to adjust the settings manually. If the unit’s sensors detect an increase in the content of hazardous particles in the air, the settings will be adjusted accordingly to mitigate the risks. Overall it is a really powerful solution that will serve you over a long period of time – a great pick for animal lovers!

Rabbit BioGS 2.0 Pet Air Purification System

Just like the MinusA2, the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 delivers solid value for its affordable price. It incorporates some high end technology that makes it possible to clear the air of harmful components with an efficiency rate of over 99% while not ramping up the energy bill too high. With an impressive coverage of over 550 square feet it clears the air volume in the room entirely over two hours in the most powerful working mode. A combination of ionization, carbon filter and HEPA ensure that every single threat is dealt with, and the environment is healthy for the residents. A significant advantage of this item is that operates extremely quiet which makes it perfect for night time. It is a versatile purifiers that works for every room type. With 5 filtering stages it is by far one of the most efficient solutions in the market.

How to choose the best air purifier for home with pets


There is a range of devices that may analyze contents of air to determine its quality and adjust settings for purifier accordingly. For instance, if new harmful particles are introduced, device will switch to a more powerful mode to neutralize the danger.

Please keep in mind that some manufacturers advertise their products as automated while they only have a built-in timer. It is handy to turn purifier on and off throughout the day, but you’ll still have to check them once in a while which is not exactly what ‘auto mode’ is. A proper solution is a device that you can be left unattended.


Pre-filter is an crucial component for units in households with pets. If buyer opts for a model that is not equipped with this item, you may face some serious difficulties because larger causative agents (such as pet fur) will block air flow and reduce efficiency of the purifier dramatically. Make sure that there is a pre-filter in the machine.

Filter indicator

The filter lifespan ranges between one and three years with, and there is a wide variety of factors that influences the actual term of service. You may forget that you need to check the state of the filter once in a while – it’s really easy because you don’t have to do it often. The best solution is an indicator that provides a visual or audio warning when the filter change is due.

Noise level

The device you are buying is going to work for extended periods of time throughout the day and night, and the noise it produces may become a concern at certain point. Most models won’t bother you too much on low settings, but when you change the setting to ‘high’ you may expect something around 90 decibels for some powerful devices. This can be compared with the noise levels that a blender produces while working at medium speed. The issue may become more crucial if you plan to sleep somewhere near a working purifier. It is better to choose a unit that won’t disturb you.

Coverage area

Max area that purifier may cover depends not only on air volume that can be processed over a certain period of time, but also the machine’s capability to suck air from the far corners of the room. If you don’t know exactly how big the room in question is, it is a good idea to use an item with better characteristics. A purifier with 500 square feet coverage is a good fit for an area of 300 square feet, while a unit built for a 250 sq ft room will not perform its functions efficiently.


The cost of air purifiers may vary greatly, but overall it’s an affordable solution for the problem. The most basic models cost about $50; as for more advanced options, you should be ready to pay about $125. If you are looking for a solution that would provide clean environment in a really big room, take a look at the products that cost $200 or more.

Of course, it may be tempting to cut down on expenses and buy a cheaper version, but it will backfire later one. For instance, many products that cost under $150 don’t have enough power to provide efficient air circulation for large rooms. You should also consider that the ionization feature in the lower price range may not work as intended. It should reduce or totally mitigate the effect of causative agents, but instead they may produce ozone that may instead worsen the air quality. The health of household residents depends on this choice; make a sound investement.

Air Purifier for Pets Maintenance Tips

  • Pre-filter. This is a vital component of cycle in households with pets. Larger airborne parts may put additional strain on other, more delicate parts – HEPA, carbon filters. Clean pre-filter regularly to ensure that device works at its maximum capacity.
  • Carbon filter. The indoor animals may introduce some non pleasant odors. This is absolutely natural and there is no way to avoid it. However a proper carbon filter will reduce side effect to a minimum or even totally get rid of the smell. If you have a cat, you may try putting the litter box near the device – according to the feedback we’ve collected from owners, this may help resolve the issue.
  • HEPA. This is probably the most important part of the device that does most of the work. It efficiently removes dandruff, pollen and even small insects from the air as well as other causative agents.
  • Airflow. The air needs to remain inside the machine as long as it’s needed for proper processing – otherwise the efficiency may be reduced dramatically. So, if there is a leak between the entry point and the exhaust, it is a big problem. If the device you are looking at may show signs of this problem, consider another option. Another thing to keep in mind is airflow that’s created by purifier. If clean air that just left the machine is sucked in once again, there isn’t much use of this process because the same volume of air is processed over and over again. The airflow pattern should provide proper circulation in the room.
  • Additional steps to reduce the risk of experiencing suffocation, difficulties with breathing or allergic reactions. For instance, you can bathe the domestic animals with hypoallergenic shampoos and vacuum the interior with a machine that has a HEPA. With this combination you can most remove cause of allergies.

We hope that our article has given you a deeper understanding of the air purifier market and will help you choose the solution that fits your needs. If you own pets and suffer from allergy or experience other difficulties, a high quality air purifier will provide the much needed relief. The brands we mentioned in our article – WinixGermGuardian and Rabbit, are widely known for its reliable work and long term of service. Highly automated, easy to maintain and efficient, they will make a difference. Improve your quality of life today!